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Shopify News and Updates

Game of chess

We like to think we’re rational people making rational decisions.

We pour over the data in our analytics dashboards, looking for trends among our customers. We carefully weigh the pros and cons of our own purchase decisions, arriving neatly at a logical choice.

Right? Wrong.

The truth is that the human brain is incredibly complex, contextual and emotional. There are dozens and dozens of cognitive biases, for example, influencing every decision you and your customers make.

Here’s everything you need to know about some of the most common biases (and how to use them to your advantage).


When does a sneaker become more than a sneaker? What makes a consumer choose one seemingly identical gown or coat or swimsuit over another? Emotion. Branding at its best, speaks to its intended audience like a BFF – it, like, really gets you. And in fashion, it stands up for you, becoming the outward-facing expression of your personality.

For small brands and emerging designers, widespread logo recognition is an unattainable (or at least very far-away) goal. But branding is more than a logo. It encompasses values, voice, and design choices that run like a continuous thread through product and packaging and online presence. Good branding is storytelling – a consistent and continuous message, weaving meaning into every piece.

How do your nail branding for your own fashion brand? 14 experts weighed in on the discussion.


how to find a mentor

Successful entrepreneurs, or professionals in any field, aren’t made overnight: It takes them years of effort, of trial and error, to amass all the experience and knowledge that got them where they are today.

These people who have “been there and done that” offer one of the most understated resources entrepreneurs can benefit from: mentorship.

A good mentor can help you avoid common mistakes early on, solve troublesome problems, and offer up valuable connections and advice, while helping you realize your full potential as a person.

Here's how to work with mentors on your entrepreneurial journey, and where to start your search for one.


City traffic

You’ve launched your ecommerce store, you’ve shared it with friends and family, and now… you wait.

But what happens when the traffic doesn’t come? If there’s no traffic, there’s no conversions. If there’s no conversions, there’s no profit.

Worse, what happens if the traffic comes, but it’s all the wrong people? You know, people who aren’t likely to part with their money for your products because they’re the wrong demographic, the wrong segment.

Fear not! Here’s how to get high quality traffic that’s relevant to your unique store.


off the cob chips shopify masters

Optimizing your supply chain for speed and efficiency is a challenge on its own. But when you're selling food with an expiration date, it gets a lot more complicated. 

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who has learned how to wrangle multiple vendors and suppliers together in a timely fashion to run his perishable food-based supply chain.

Cameron Sheldrake is the founder of Off The Cob Chips: tortilla chips made with real sweet corn.




It's something every entrepreneur hopes to get for their business, but also something many find elusive.

Don't worry, you're not alone. For most entrepreneurs, PR is a work in progress. Unless you’re working on a big launch, which are not regular occurrences, it’s about building a long-term relationship with media outlets and the appropriate reporters.

Here are six strategies to keep in mind when looking to get your name in the press, and five tools to help you make it happen.


When you’re starting out with your business, you’re doing it all: fulfilling orders, responding to customers, managing your social media, and so much more.

But while we pursue entrepreneurship for many reasons, having less time in our lives isn’t one of them.

That’s why the first “employee” many ecommerce entrepreneurs hire is a virtual assistant: someone who can take on the daily tasks and processes that are important for running your business, but not necessarily focused on growing it.

If you’re experiencing stress and the other “good problems” that come with success, it might be time for you to consider hiring your own virtual assistant and get back some of those hours in your day.


500,000 and You

2 August 2017, 3:25 pm

Today, we take a moment—amid the exhilarating madness of our days as entrepreneurs, dreamers, and Shopifyers—to mark a milestone in the history of our movement.

Shopify now powers over 500,000 online stores.


Selling in person with Shopify has never been easier.

Beautiful, simple, and secure, Shopify’s first in-house designed hardware—our new Chip & Swipe Reader—is now shipping in the U.S.

In April, we unveiled our latest addition to the Shopify POS hardware family, and started shipping pre-orders in July. Now, we’re excited to announce that the Chip & Swipe Reader is available to all U.S. Shopify merchants.


kick push skate shopify masters

By following current trends within a niche, you might just find room for more entrepreneurship—if you can act fast enough.

Adrian Brambila is the founder of Kick Push Skate, a store dedicated to providing retro hipster penny boards and gear.

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn how he uses current trends to find profitable opportunities to serve his audience.


In sales, data is power. More data? More power to analyze, compare, act. 

To boost your ability to make better, data-driven decisions at any time, we’ve made our Online Store Dashboard more comprehensive and effective, starting with this big change: if you’re a multi-channel merchant you’ll now have data from all your channels—not just your online store—right in front of you, in an easy-to-scan one-look overview.


free content marketing creation tools

The brands that stand out today are the ones that know how to get people going by producing clickable, shareable, irresistible media for their audiences to consume.

Whether we’re talking about content marketing or social media marketing, this newfound focus is turning companies into producers, creators, and editors invested in content.

But even without the budgets of all those bigger brands, there are plenty of free tools that can help you feed your audience's craving for fresh content.

Whether you’re starting out or taking off with your business, here are 7 free tools (and some alternatives and resources) to help you create content that's hard not to share.


How to start a business before you graduate

A 12-year-old pitches his business on Shark Tank. I’m watching it now on YouTube. At three times his age, hand plunged halfway into a bag of Cheetos, I realize: I am an underachiever.

Have you ever wished that you could break the space-time continuum and deliver wisdom from the future to your teenage self? What life lessons, learned the hard way, would you impart?

I’ve consulted some pretty bright young people to help me. These amazing kidpreneurs, both present and former, share their stories and advice for Generation Z.

Here’s what I wish I'd known 25 years ago.


squatty potty

Marketing is at its best when it can get a "hey, that's me!" out of your target audience.

But what if your products address a problem that your customers would rather not openly discuss? 

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who had to get creative with his marketing and messaging in order to advertise products that solve bathroom-related problems.

Meet Bobby Edwards, founder of Squatty Potty: the original toilet stool designed and made in the USA to give you the perfect posture for optimal elimination.


Colorful candy in a bowl

Google Analytics is like an iceberg. 91% of it is below the surface.

So, when you’re browsing around the standard reports, checking your monthly visitor count or your daily revenue, you’re only getting about 9% of what Google Analytics has to offer.

The rest is hidden below the surface, just waiting to be discovered.

One of the best ways to start exploring the Google Analytics iceberg is through segments, both simple and advanced.


When Sarah Hannington couldn’t find a company to custom print Valentine’s heart candies, she started her own business. Just a few years later, her 6-figure side gig, MyCustomCandy produces and ships personalized candy hearts to influencers, celebrities, businesses, and customers worldwide.

Customization is touching every product from lipstick to initial-stamped luggage. Even large, mass-produced brands like Nike and New Balance recognized and jumped on the trend towards unique experiences for their unique customers. 

Sarah didn’t plan to start a custom business. She was just one consumer who happened to stumble upon a missed opportunity, a gap in an industry expected to reach $31 billion USD by 2021.

Sarah shares the ups and downs of a custom seasonal business that scales beyond expectation year over year, and her secret to keeping her cool through every crisis. This is her story.


how to use instagram stories

Traditional social media encourages us to put our best selves out there because what we publish stays out there. But there’s a new content format on the scene with a 24-hour life span that encourages sharing in a more authentic way.

Instagram Stories are quickly gaining ground as a way to keep your most loyal followers engaged while leaving your content open for others to discover.

Stories have changed the way we use Instagram, turning the platform into something more than just your online photo album.

Here's how entrepreneurs and marketers can make the most of this new "here today, gone tomorrow" social media channel.


entrepreneur studio

How do you measure your online store’s success? Do you typically focus on things like sales and revenue?

While these metrics are useful for tracking the short-term performance of content and campaigns, they don’t always paint a complete picture of your business’ future. Even looking at your current sales numbers can sometimes leave you with just a fleeting glimpse of your true financial situation.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most important factors in determining your business’ present and future success. It’s an often-overlooked metric that can accurately predict how much your customers are really worth. By measuring the net profit that you’ll take in over the course of your entire relationship with a customer, you’ll be able to narrow down exactly how valuable they are to your business.


shopify masters mizzen+main

Companies are made up of people at the end of the day, and as established entrepreneurs will tell you about the early days, every new hire counts.

But as you add more heads to your team, maintaining your company culture becomes harder.

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Kevin Lavelle of Mizzen+Main, a brand that offers the best of advanced performance fabrics with the refined look of traditional menswear.

Find out how he created a solid company culture from the ground up while building a 20-person team.


Man playing chess

When running an ecommerce store, it’s easy to forget that visitor #3456 is a real, live person. A person subject to cognitive biases, persuasion techniques, psychological theories, etc.

Having a basic understanding of some of the most popular persuasion techniques can put you ahead of the competition. You’ll have insight into how you can turn theory into practice, science into cold, hard cash.

Here are 13 persuasion techniques that will give you an unfair advantage in the most important battlefield of all: the human brain.