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Website Services for First-Class Online Performance!

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Let Us Build a Website For You!

Go for our website services to build a website from scratch. We provide the best website services for small business, as well as big corporations. Our team can help you install, design, and fill your website with the right content!

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Website Customization Services

Give us a chance to customize your website quickly and following all your wishes. Our web designers are capable of transforming any site into a unique masterpiece without parallel on the web.

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Website Promotion Services

With our website services, you can be sure that your website will look engaging and memorable to your target audience. We know how to attract leads, build promotion campaigns, and ensure high Google rankings!

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Why Choose TemplateMonster Services?

All the website services we provide at TemplateMonster result from our 15+ years of experience in web development. We know how to build, customize, and promote a website so that it adequately reflects the business concept our clients need. Give our website services a chance and get ready to be amazed by our promptness and professionalism!

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Let Us Build a Website For You!

Your online success starts with website building services from TemplateMonster!

template imstallation service


It makes sense to choose installation as a part of our website creation services as the first step to your professional site. As a bonus, you will get 1 year of hosting for free!

template imstallation image
If you don’t want to spend your time installing the template, don’t hesitate to order expert assistance. The installation will be completed within 3 hours by our Service Center once the access details to your hosting server has been received.
Note: Service is valid for one website. Project starts once client provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.
Bonus: 1 year of hosting is included for free.

template imstallation service price$49

adding your logo image


Creating your own identity online is not a complicated task with our website building services. We can add a logo of any type and size to your website within hours (if not minutes!).

logo image
Add your logo to the template.
This service is completed within 12 hours by our Service Center.
Note: Service is valid for one website. Project starts once client provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.

logo price$29

web copywriting service image


Our team knows how to create high-quality content that will increase your client base quickly. Choose our experts for advanced SEO and keyword planning.

web copywriting
Need an expert copywriter?
If you need high-quality content for your website – you are in the right place. This copywriting offer allows you to order up to 1000 words of original text for your website.
– Unique content
– Affordable prices
– SEO optimization and keyword planning
– Better user experience
– Up to 3 revisions of your text
– Fast delivery and order completion
We write articles, social media texts, FAQ pages, Website pages, landing pages, product descriptions.
There are two main milestones.
1.As soon as you order the service, you will be contacted by our sales representative, who will discuss all the details of your order and forward it to the expert copywriter in your niche.
2.You will receive the content within 5-7 business days and can accept it, or ask for a revision.
*If the text is written not in accordance with your previously explained demands, you can get a refund up to 50% fr om the initial cost of the offer.
Formats: DOC, TXT
Languages: The content is provided in English only.
Deadlines: 5-7 business days starting fr om the moment of the detailed specification of your task and our acknowledgment of its receipt.

web copywriting price$88

ready to use service image


We can get you a functioning website with a unique domain name and a free 1-year hosting. After that, we will install a template, add a logo, and customize the color palette for you!

ready to use service details
We will replace all images and texts to yours on up to 5 pages and 10 posts.
All images and texts with instructions should be provided to start the project.
* Logo changes, map, contact form activation and installation are included
Note. Any style or layout changes will require additional charge.

ready to use service price$249

hosting service


Hosting is one of the most critical website services for small businesses and big companies. So, choose your hosting provider wisely with TemplateMonster.

hosting service image
SSD Included FREE
Reduce data retrieval times so that your content is delivered when your audience demands it. Solid state drives provide increased performance and reliability over mechanical hard drives.
UNLIMITED Bandwidth + Disk Space
Get an unlimited amount of Data Transfer per month and an unlimited amount of disk space on all business web hosting accounts.
Choice of Datacenter
Select from either West or East coast data center locations. InMoting Hosting utilizes multiple data centers, premium bandwidth providers, and advanced routing technology to ensure the network is faster than the competition.

hosting service price$27

must have plugins service


Our experts can install and configure 6 most demanded plugins to improve your website’s performance. Optimizing your website can be simple if you have the right tools at hand!

must have plugins service details
Must-Have Plugins provided by TemplateTuning
1) Onpage SEO plugin to help you with SEO Optimization of your pages
2) Google Analytics plugin to track your visitors
3) Advanced editor for posts and pages to make editing easier
4) Image Optimizer to reduce sizes of your images for web without losing quality
5) Sitemap plugin to generate sitemap.xml for your website and automatically update it after any change you make (vital for search engines)
6) Plugin to change login page URL in order to secure it from hackers attacks
7) Plugin for customization of admin panel
Note: Installation and configuration of the plugins are included.
Installation of the template with demo content is not included.
Bonus: 1 year of hosting is included for free.

must have plugins service price$79

logo creation service


Developing a unique logo that reflects your business identity is one of our best website creation services. We will offer you up to 3 fresh designs created following your wishes.

logo creation service details
Need an attractive logotype for your website, but have no way out? Professional web designers from MotoCMS will help you.
Our team will come up with the best solution for your brand according to your personal requirements. If the logo doesn’t sit with your requests, we will redesign it up to 3 times.
Note: The process of your logo creation will take up to 10 business days since you take the offer.

logo creation service price$149

security package service


It makes sense to invest in security website services regardless of how big your website is at the moment. We know how to keep your database safe for years to come!

security package service details
Make your site four times more secure than any other one. Our team will:
– install and configure the most valuable security plugins;
– improve your database security;
– fix common loopholes in your engine installation.
We need your website url/domain name and admin-panel login details to deliver this service.

security package service price$59

Website Customization Services

Website editing services from our team is a great chance to maximize your website’s functionality!

converting to wordpress service


This is one of the best website services for small business and big corporations. Its primary audience – fans of WordPress who need a specific template converted to WordPress. As a bonus, you will get installation service as well as 1 month of individual facilitation.

converting to wordpress service details
Love this design, but want it to be WordPress-based? We have converted thousands of different websites to WordPress themes!
Within this service, the theme will be converted to WordPress for easy and seamless site management. You get:
– a stable version of CMS WordPress;
– 5 basic pages with sample texts and images which match the chosen design (please note that there might be minor differences due to WordPress platform functionality);
– user-friendly backend to edit your content easily.
Please note! We deliver an archive with website full pack, sample data and database dump file along with the instructions for manual installation and Support Tutorials. The service is a one-time offer, extra customization and support would require an extra fee. If the source template is under GPL license, the WordPress version would go with no sample images.

converting to wordpress service price$199

page speed booster service


Our team knows how to increase the loading speed of your website considerably. Choose our speed booster as website customization services to optimize your data. We will double-check the code and plugins used, as well as compress images and enable browser caching.

page speed booster service details
We will optimize and speed up your website to increase conversion rate and ensure good search engine ranking:
1) Optimize your content (compress images, delete unused plugins, etc.)
2) Minimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript
3) Enable gzip compression
4) Enable browser caching
5) Leverage browser caching
6) Optimize Your Site Database

page speed booster service price$99

online store integration service


To integrate an online store, we will convert your template into WordPress. After that, we will add the WooCommerce plugin into your admin panel. As a result, you will get a professional e-store that you can access by pressing the Shop button in the menu.

online store integration service details
Online Store option is powered by template conversion into WordPress and WooCommerce plugin integration. As a result you will get a functional online store implemented as Shop button in menu. The service is completed within 6 business days.
BONUS: Installation service & 1 month of special facilitation are included.

online store integration service price$199

pay per hour service


Use this option if you are a novice who needs a professional website asap. You get the whole team of project managers, designers, and developers working on your site to boost its performance. We are ready to tackle any issues you are struggling with right now.

pay per hour service details
Get a professional assistance of project managers, designers, and developers for as long as you need to achieve your goal.
You will be charged for developing hours only.
2 hours of programmer’s assistance are included in this package (small css fixes/logo changes/module installation/main color changes/etc)
Bonus: You will not be charged while discussing the details with Project Manager and while your project is awaiting in a queue to Production Dept. Additional hours can be purchased for $20/hour.

pay per hour service price$45

startup bundle service


This is one of the universal website editing services to choose if you want to start a website fast. The bundle includes hosting, installation, and changing a logo and a dominant color. Also, we will set up languages, currencies, maps, etc. SEO audit is also included!

startup bundle service details
Everything you need to start the website:
1) 1 year of compatible hosting
2) Installation of the template with demo content
3) Logo and color changes (main color to match your logo)
4) Languages setup for backend and frontend
5) Currencies setup
6) Contact form setup and Map configuration
7) SEO audit and recommendations for your website

startup bundle service price$120

storefront page design service


Our designers know how to turn a traditional Homepage into a recognizable StoreFront. We will adjust and customize all the content elements on your Frontpage (e.g., sliders, banners, images, footer and header, coupons and discounts) so that your e-store looks professional.

storefront page design service details
Building an online store is a fantastic way to make extra money. StoreFront for your Website is like a welcome mat for your house and is the first thing one should take care of. You only get one chance to make a first impression perfect!
Let our professional designers turn your Homepage to a beautiful and attractive StoreFront. We will keep look and feel of your Template by adjusting not product-related FrontPage content areas. Basically, template Homepage elements are up to 5 sliders, several banner images, Newsletter pop-up image, footer and header area images.
With this service you get:
– Slider and other not product-related images replaced
– product banners replaced
– coupons and discounts banners replaced
Please note! Categories and Products images replacement is not implied by this service.

storefront page design service price$139

changing color scheme service


Changing a color scheme of a website may be challenging as there are so many options to choose from. Contact our designers to determine the color scheme that suits your business concept. After that, we will change the color palette of your website within 24 hours!

changing color scheme service details
Change the color scheme of the template with whichever you prefer.
This service is completed within 24 hours by our Service Center.
Note: Service is valid for one website. Project starts once client provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.

changing color scheme service price$74

web design audit service


Use this option once your site is launched. Our team will provide website editing services concerning both your design and user experience (navigation, images, CTAs, fonts, and colors). You will also get recommendations on how to improve the factors mentioned above.

web design audit service details
Get a complete website design and UX audit with recommendations.
Checking your website design and UX does not need any reasoning behind it. You don´t need to wait till the moment your website bounce rate rises, but you need to provide a good user experience and ensure an effective lead generation process on your website. That is why we offer you a professional design audit service.
As a result of the audit you’ll get a complete understanding of what goes wrong with your website navigation, images, CTAs, fonts and colors. We provide you a set of recommendations for your website design improvement.
The service is provided for launched websites (completely customized).
Deadline: 7 business days after you provide your website details.
Languages: English, Russian.

web design audit service price$79

Website Promotion Services

SEO audit service


SEO audit is the first step to creating an online marketing strategy that works. Our SEO experts will analyze the content and the code on your website. Then, we will come up with manageable recommendations that you can quickly implement to improve your rankings on the web.

SEO audit service details
Do you need your website be visible to your target audience in search engines and you don’t know where to start? SEO audit is the first step to creating an online marketing strategy that really works. You will get the analysis and guidelines on how to implement the given recommendations within your website.

SEO audit service price$45

on-page SEO optimization service


Use SEO promotion services if you want to increase the organic traffic on your website. Choose up to 6 pages of your site to get them analyzed in terms of SEO competitors evaluation, search volume analysis, as well as local keyword targeting and optimization.

on-page SEO optimization service details
Want your website to get high SEO ranking and well-targeted organic traffic? We will make the necessary changes, guide you through all aspects of on-site optimization, and make sure that the search engines properly crawl your website.
The offer implies:
– overall organic performance analysis;
– Google Search Console configuration, XML Sitemap, and Robots.txt generation.
– semantic analysis and keyword mapping, local keyword targeting;
– meta tags optimization (meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, title tags).
– web content optimization, SEO copywriting (up to 250 words of SEO-text for each of the analyzed pages);
– technical issues detection and fix recommendation;
– creating a reference for future updates and focused pages
This offer will help you optimize up to 6 pages of your website, get them indexed, and improve overall website performance.

on-page SEO optimization service price$299

email campaign creation service


Beautifully designed and well-worded newsletters, greeting emails, and sale campaign letters are crucial when targeting your audience effectively with MailChimp. We will review your current email campaign, segment your audience, and create captivating content.

email campaign creation service details
Launch an email campaign for your business with the help of professionals. Be it a newsletter, greeting email or sale

email campaign creation service price$299

site analysis and SEO service

Google Ad Campaign Creation

Increase your brand awareness, drive sales or generate leads easy with Google Search Ad Campaign. Google Search Ad Campaign is a powerful instrument to reach the targeted audience in the search engine results by using relevant keywords and attractive ads.

site analysis and SEO service details
Don’t know how to create a Search Ad Campaign properly or have limited time to launch an ad campaign? Use our Google Search Ad Campaign Creation service.
The service includes:
– campaign setup and settings
– researching highly-relevant keywords according to your business
– ads copywriting
– custom audience research and creation
– setup conversion tracking
– extensions creating
– 7 days campaign management after it creation
Please note: The process may take up to 10 business days since you provide all the details. The advertising budget is not included in the service price and the campaign results depend on your budget.
Languages: English, Russian.

site analysis and SEO service price$199

Service Center Team would Love to Assist You

We have been designing and developing various templates based on different platforms for years. No doubt, we know our products excellently. We will put your worries aside by transforming any template of your choice into a unique website. The TemplateMonster Service Center mission is taking your favorite concept from a template and reshaping it into the website that is a complete realization of your ideas.
Tell us about your website goals and requirements
We confirm the details via phone call or email
We get to work and create a perfect site for your needs

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