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1. Go to the Application Profile Page (linked to from right hand col on your app’s main page (where it shows stats, your app id, site url etc)

2. From Application Profile Page click on “Edit Application” – left hand col underneath profile pic

3. On the Edit App page there’s a list of app devs in the right hand …

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Firebug is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that can be used to inspect the website source code, modify the CSS and trace the website errors. Read More

Developer Tools

June 15 2011  |  Category: Developer Tools, Website Development

While working with website templates you may often need to modify the HTML markup, CSS styles or JavaScript files. Usually to modify some elements on the page you should browse through the files and search for necessary line.

This post will show you how to make the process easier and clear using the browser developer tools.

The browser developer tools …

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