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Tag Archives: Silverlight

This is a general tutorial on how to modify and publish Silverlight Site Template.…

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If you face difficulties with activating contact form in Silverlight template this tutorial is a wonderful guide that will demonstrate you the process in detail. Step by step instructions and video tutorial will make the process fast and easy.…

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1. Open the “TMTemplate” project file from ‘\sources\TMTemplate’ folder in Microsoft Expression Blend program.

2. Locate ‘Pages’ folder, right click on it and choose ‘Add New Item’.

3. Small window will pop up, where you should choose a ‘Page’, then click OK.

4. If you do not want to create a page from scratch, you can duplicate existing page content, …

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1. Open the “TMTemplate” project file from ‘\sources\TMTemplate’ folder in Microsoft Expression Blend program

2. Locate the page on which you need to add a button and open it in the Scene.

3. Navigate to [User Control] panel and click on the button symbol to create a button, then place it anywhere on the Scene.

4. You may then relocate …

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Silverlight Intro Templates are new media products. As any other kinds of animated intros the Silverlight Intros presented here may be used for multiple purposes including but not limited to presenting the project or a website in a form of a short movie, delivering and presenting the promotional information either offline or on the Web. Don't hesitate to browse our collection and find your perfect Silverlight Intro template.

Unfortunately the template Live Demo and Sample Template download are temporary unavailable.

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