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5 best free Google Maps plugins For WordPress

I guess everyone who has ever worked with WordPress faced the issue with Google map because the location is an integral part of any activity or business you present. However, the things may go unexpectedly unwell sometimes and you cannot configure your location so easily. Let’s check what are the most reliable sources to avoid such situation. The solution is really easy – use one of the best google map plugins for this purpose. Keep reading below what are they and what functions do they have.

  1. The first will be probably the easiest one – MapPress Easy Google Maps plugin. This plugin is created exactly for the beginners because you just need to locate the address to add it to a page, post or custom post type. The map can be integrated through a shortcode or embed code before or after post.

  2. The next plugin is regarded as the easiest one as well. You can insert the map as a widget area with Google Maps Widget plugin.

  3. You, literary, paste geolocation to widget settings and the map is displayed in several seconds. This map will be added to a sidebar or custom widget area. All you need to click on the map to expand the borders and see it closer because widgets are not full-width in most cases.

  4. One more popular Google map plugin added through widget is WP Google Maps plugin. You simply add it to any widget area as before via Appearance>Widgets. However, this map is a bit more expanded in options. You can select the future map from various map themes, or make your own, create as many markers as you like, use store locator tool, add custom shapes such as polygons, polylines, circles and squares.

  5. The other popular plugin for Google map is called CP Google Maps. Just add the needed geolocation, select map marker you like and change map image, if needed. The process is even easier than you think.

  6. The last, but not the least Google map plugin is presented via Google Maps Builder. It gives you a great variety of options to customize the map to the ideal one. You are able to configure the map from basic settings such as width, height, type, style to map themes and store locator customizations. This plugin, probably the one which provides such enormous amount of tools to use. And, what is more important, it can be easily added to a post through a ready-made shortcode generated when you add new map.

Now you know what are the best Google map plugins for WordPress and can decide which one is better for your personal design or purpose. I hope that one of these plugins will really suit you and you will find the perfect location in the result!

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