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Andre Flores July 6, 2016
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Hey there! People often ask me with affiliate marketing how much can a person earn selling website templates.

So, you want to sell website templates – that’s good for you – however website templates are very special products to sell.

So, before diving in, you should ask yourself a couple of questions.

Are web templates right for you?

The first and the most important question is whether website templates are right for you.

The answer is “Yes”, if you have a webdesign-related website.

That could be pretty much anything, like a blog for webdesign beginners, or blog for best practices in webdesign for small businesses, or a website with collections of tools for webdesign companies – that could be anything that has value.

Because on the Internet value equals traffic – that’s a very important thing.

What is the traffic?

Now, speaking of traffic, if your website has a relevant traffic, you may expect a conversion rate of half-percent(0.5%) to one percent (1%).

Every thousand visitors will probably bring you around $75-$100 dollars affiliate earnings given that the affiliate programs normally have 20% commission rate, so with that commission rate you may expect the earnings of this sort.

And, since I assumed you know the traffic of your website or how many visitors your website has monthly, you may easily calculate the amount that you’ll be able to earn with your website.

The important thing about the conversion rate that I’ve mentioned, that it’s only effective for websites with relevant traffic, which means web design-related websites, plus the website has to have an integrated web templates store.

It is an important thing, because your visitors will be staying on your website, that you will not be referring your visitors to other people’s websites or vendor websites, because that actually impacts conversion rate significantly and it is going to be a lot lower than this.

So, for example, if your website has 1000 visitors a month, you may expect monthly earnings around $750 to $1000.

Want more? Sell templates more aggressively

But, again, for the commercial rate, you can improve that rate significantly if you sell templates more aggressively on your website.

The “aggressive sales”, that actually only sounds scary – there is nothing bad about it – this means that you may have a Home page banner on your website, or like a sidebar banner, or sidewide banner, stating that your website also sells website templates for example, or something like “Hey, you want to build a website? Check out the pre-made designs that may help you”.

You may promote your template section or your template store and your weekly or monthly e-mail campaigns, like newsletters and other stuff like that. You may promote the templates on social media accounts and that’s actually just a couple of options.

Anything that you can think of, that could increase the awareness of your web templates store on your website would actually help you to sell products a lot better.

You may even promote the template store with the ads, like Google AdWords, or Facebook ads, whatever, because every dollar invested into the promotion will most likely be returned to you as the affiliate earnings.

So, I hope this answers your question – that’s a pretty basic explanation, but should give you an idea about how much you can sell and how you can impact your sales.

If you have any questions about the affiliate programs, affiliate marketing or affiliate template sales, feel free to ask, we’ll be happy to answer.

See you on next episodes, take care. Bye-bye!

Affiliate Marketing
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