How to become a vendor?

admin February 28, 2017
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  1. How do you upload my products on your site?

    You can add archives containing all necessary files in the vendor’s profile.

  2. Where can I find theme requirements?

    You can find all guidelines regarding the themes’ design and technical details here: Product Archive Structure Requirements.

  3. What theme topics are the most preferable?

    We welcome all types of products that you send us. We also email a list of preferred topics upon a request from your profile page. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on our news and the most popular products in the marketplace.

  4. How can I send you a signed vendor agreement?

    You can scan it or take a photo of your signed vendor agreement and email it to Download the agreement here.

  5. How do you check the theme before it gets on your site?

    The theme verification process includes the following stages:

    • Marketing review (checking product relevance within a market);
    • Design Review (design verification);
    • Copyright review (basic verification of a vendor’s rights to use a product for commercial purposes; checking a product’s uniqueness);
    • QA review (verifying a product’s correct operation);
    • Code Review (code verification);
    • Ready for upload (a product is ready to be uploaded on the site);
    • Upload in Progress;
    • Uploaded.

    If your product doesn’t meet the marketplace requirements, then you will receive suggestions on its further adaptation or a rejection from selling your product on the marketplace without the right of follow-up revision.

  6. How will I receive theme upload notifications?

    If your theme doesn’t pass any of the verification stages, you will be notified about this via email with recommendations on its follow-up revision. You will also be notified when your theme is going to be released on the site.

  7. How long does it take to upload a theme to your site after it’s verified and approved?

    On average, it takes from 2 business days to 2 business weeks for a theme to be uploaded.

  8. What’s the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive products?

    Exclusive themes are sold on our marketplace only. Non-exclusive products can be distributed on both our site and other resources.

  9. May I sell exclusive and non-exclusive themes at the same time?

    Yes, you can sell both.

  10. What if I violate exclusivity rules?

    According to the agreement, if you violate the exclusivity rules, you will need to delete the theme from all sites except for Otherwise we will change your theme status for “non-exclusive”, with a further recalculation of the amount of sales.

  11. What commission will I get? Will it depend on sales volume?

    Vendors of non-exclusive products receive 40% from the themes’ cost. The commission that vendors of exclusive themes will receive depends on the sales volume:

    • $0+ — 50%
    • $1 000+ — 53%
    • $2 000+ — 55%
    • $4 000+ — 57%
    • $8 000+ — 58%
    • $16 000+ — 60%
    • $32 000+ — 62%
    • $64 000+ — 64%
    • $75 000+ — 65%
    • $100 000+ — 70%
  12. How is a theme price made? Can I influence the pricing of my themes?

    The cost of your template is created after the product has passed all verification stages. It depends on the quality of the theme and the provided services. A vendor can adjust the offered price by up to 15%.

  13. Can I change a theme price after it’s uploaded on your site?

    Yes, you can submit a request upon changing the theme’s cost via email Later on, this option will be available in the vendor’s profile.

  14. Will your promo campaigns and discounts be applicable to my themes?

    If you prefer, your themes can participate in our promos. In order to make your themes also participate in promo campaigns, please tick “I want my themes to participate in TemplateMonster’s promos” during registration. If you do not tick this field, all of your themes will be available for purchase without discounts. In order to start/stop participating in promos, please email us at

  15. How can I measure my income in case a theme participates in a promo or was sold at a discount?

    Your income will be measured with respect to the promo/discounted cost.

  16. How often and how will I get payments?

    You will receive payments from 25th to 30th of each month via PayPal, Skrill, Payneer, Wire. You will receive a payment if you have at least $100 on your account. Cash transfer fee is paid by the recipient.

  17. Where can I check my themes sales stats?

    We are currently working to make this option available in your profile.

  18. Will our clients be provided with your pre-sales support?

    Yes, your clients can get the relevant support from the Sales department via chat.

  19. Will the Sales department recommend my themes alongside other products?

    Yes, the Sales department will recommend your themes together with other items from the marketplace.

  20. Can I provide any kind of additional services with a theme?

    No, you cannot provide any additional services.

  21. What licenses will a client receive upon purchasing a theme?

    A client will be provided with a choice of 4 types of licenses:

    • SINGLE-SITE LICENSE. It allows a client to use one theme on one website. If a client wants to use one theme on several sites, he will need to purchase the same theme once again.

    • DEVELOPER LICENSE. It allows a client to install one theme on up to 5 different websites or up to 5 different projects.

    • BUYOUT LICENSE. This license guarantees that a template will no longer be available for purchase in TemplateMonster’s catalogue or to other users. A client cannot redistribute/resell the theme after purchasing a Buyout License.

    • GPL LICENSE. After purchasing a template, a client is allowed to copy, modify and redistribute (including commercial purposes) the product. A client should also guarantee that the owners of all subsidiary products will be granted the aforementioned rights.

  22. What’s the procedure to get a refund for an acquired theme?

    When a client requests a refund, his request goes to the Ticket System, where it should be resolved by the vendor in the shortest period of time. If a vendor does not manage to settle an issue and reach an agreement with a client, the request goes to the Customer Care manager for a final resolution. If a client gets a refund, then the vendor will pay back the commission that he received for the theme.

  23. Can I promote products that are not listed on your site?

    It’s strictly forbidden to promote competitors’ products, so you cannot offer your clients those products that are not provided on the marketplace.

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