Dynamic Swish 3.0. How to add new ReadMore page and button

Ray Taylor July 12, 2011
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1. Open the ‘tfile_main.xml’ file from ‘site_swish’ folder in Adobe Dreamweaver (or any php editor).

2. Locate already existing ‘read more’ text and copy it to duplicate (you may use CTRL+C short key to copy):

3. Paste the ‘read more’ text for the page on which you want to add your new ‘read more’ button (you may use CTRL+V short key to paste).Change the text number. (we have changed the ‘&text_23’ to ‘&text_37’:

4. Now, we should add a ‘read more’ page. We can copy the existing one:

5. Change the ‘&read_’ numbers:

6. Save this file and open ‘.SWI’ file from ‘sources/swish(flash)’ folder in SwishMax program

7. Using SwishMax program, we are going to duplicate the ‘read more’ page and ‘read more’ button, placing that object into the page, on which we want to add a new ‘read more’ button.

8. Open the Outline (Window->Outline). Locate Pages and the Read More pages. Select one (Read_7) and press CTRL+C to copy:

9. Then press CTRL+V to paste the object, renaming it to (Read_8):

10. After that is done, navigate to the timeline and find the newly added Read_8 frame. Move it one frame further:

11. Open the ‘Read_8’ item in the Outline and select the text object(s), like (T-AdamSen), (T-read) and (T-Qu Viv an so ti…). We should change the Var:_root_read_ number (look at the tfile_main.xml file to see the number which you should be using) Check the screenshot of the paragraph #5:

12. We are done with the ‘read more’ page. Now, we will duplicate the button itself. Locate the button on any page (we are duplicating a Read_1 button from the Page_5 page in this example):

13. Select the page, on which you want to add the new button and press CTRL+V to paste the button:

14. Look on the actual Scene and you will now see the text box for that new ‘read more’ button. Move it on, using the mouse, and place it on the position you want:

15. Select the new ‘read more’ button on the Outline (Read_1) and press F9 key to open the Action Script panel. There, we need to change the page number (look at the last ‘read more’ button action script to find out the number, which is page = 14 in this case, then add one number for the new ‘read more’ page, which will be page = 15 in this example):

16. Press CTRL+E keys to publish the .SWI file and create the .SWF file. You should save the file in ‘site_swish/flash’ folder, replacing the original one:

17. We may now open the ‘index.html’ file from ‘site_swish’ folder in the browser to see the changes.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Dynamic Swish 3.0. How to add new ReadMore page and button
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