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nastik October 30, 2019
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Do you want to get a professionally created template for your website? Do you like Gutenberg Editor and want to use it for your blog creation? Tired of finding the solutions that were created for other page builders and that only adapted to Gutenberg? In this case, GutenBerry minimalistic WordPress theme is a perfect solution for you because it was built by the Zemez team especially for the Gutenberg Editor. It is an ideal template for a personal blog or a simple website. This theme is minimalistic in design, lightweight, quickly-working and versatile. Just check out its advantages!

Check out the demo of GutenBerry Minimalistic Blog WordPress Template

Main advantages of GutenBerry blog WordPress theme

While choosing a perfect WordPress theme for the website you will definitely compare features of several variants to understand which one fits your demands better. Choosing a website template is like deciding what furniture and wallpaper to use in your house interior. The look will define the attitude of the visitors. So, if you are wondering why you should get yourself GutenBerry – it is because:
  • Its design is minimalistic and up-to-date.
  • The theme package includes 5 different homepage designs and 6 original blog listings
  • It is really lightweight and will load incredibly fast
  • The team of experienced developers regularly improves and updates the template
  • A great ZeGuten plugin goes with this WordPress theme and adds 11 useful blocks to the Gutenberg Editor menu
  • This theme is supported 24/7 by an excellent team of professionals
Let’s look a little closer at each of those advantages – there are some important details.

  Laconic and versatile design. GutenBerry WordPress theme looks very simple. The design is minimalistic, there are no redundant elements. The color scheme is black & white with pastel inclusions – a very classy and calm solution. Those two features make this theme uniquely versatile – it will look great both for the personal blog, IT-news digest or architect’s portfolio.

5 variants of the Homepage. After downloading GutenBerry you receive not a single template, but a collection of details you can use to build your website. The five homepages differ from each other not only with the colors used but the layouts too.
  • Crystal. The default homepage – a perfect choice for the blogging website. The page contains 6 sections, including the Latest News listing, email gathering form and “image with text” block. The first section of the page (all the other homepages available will also start with it) shows one of the articles – the freshest or the most interesting one.
  • Mauve. This homepage is the shortest and the most laconic of all. Besides header and footer, it consists only of two sections – features article and the Latest News. A great solution for the personal lifestyle blog.
  • Azure. The homepage of the blog that is filled by a professional in some field has to look just like that. Three sections with a different number of displayed posts and a subscription form at the bottom of the page.
  • Lavender. It looks almost the same as the Crystal but the sections are placed in another order. If you didn’t like the default homepage – this one will definitely impress you. The subscription form is in the middle of the page, which could be a little more efficient if you want to create a vast list of subscribers’ emails.
  • Nude. If you are going to create a news portal or a brand corporate website – this homepage is your choice. Three articles, shown on the big tiles, and the block of the latest posts make this homepage best for showing news.
 6 types of blog listing. This WordPress theme was created for blogging, so the blog listings are very important for it. GutenBerry offers 6 types of listing and fulfill almost all the requirements you can have. The posts can be shown simply as a list with large and small tiles, and you can also choose to show the sidebar or not. Besides those four variants, grids with large and small tiles are also available. Try them all to understand which one looks the best for your website.
High loading speed. Because of its simple and clear design, this theme is exceptionally lightweight. Even after you fill it with your own content – it will still load very fast. For the modern website, the page loading speed is very important. As the world becomes faster and faster every year, as a website owner you should pay attention to the time the users spend waiting for the information to appear on the screen. That’s why this theme is made as light as a feather – to let you avoid the problems with speed.
 Constant improvement. After the theme is released it is not left alone – the developer’s team continues to improve it, add new options, fix the minor bugs and create updates. If you install the GutenBerry WordPress theme you can be sure that it will stay up-to-date for a long time after that. The fresh updates will be automatically delivered to you almost every month.
 Best possible tech support. TemplateMonster tech support team is the best in the market. And that is not a bluster – not a single templates marketplace can offer the same service. If you will have any problems with the theme you can not only leave a ticket via email but also have a text chat or phone call with the expert. The tech support team works 24/7 without holidays or days-off to help the clients with any issues they could meet.

Who is it for?

Bloggers of any type. No matter what are you writing about, traveling or cooking, business or finance, software or gaming – GutenBerry WordPress theme will be just the solution that helps you to make your texts popular. Its design is so flexible that you can create almost anything you want of it and the layouts are so well-thought-out that will highlight the texts, helping the users to focus on it.
  1. Artists and photographers. GutenBerry theme could be easily used for a portfolio website. Among the default Gutenberg Editor tools there are image galleries, so it will be simple to download your works to your website and show them the best possible way. There is a place to put your CV and introduction message, and the contact form will gather the emails of interested employers and clients.
  2. Small business owners. This simple, clean and elegant theme could be a wonderful frame for a little brand. It would be a service or products that your firm does – they could be presented with this WordPress template. If you care about SEO (and you do care if you want to attract some organic traffic) – an astonishing blog will help you climb to the top of the search engine results list.

ZeGuten plugin

Gutenberg Editor has lots of default blocks that are quite enough for beautiful page creation but people always want more. That’s why web developer teams start creating plugins which expand the capabilities of WordPress 5.0 page builder and add some extra blocks to the menu. ZeGuten is one of such add-ons. It adds 11 useful blocks to the list. Let’s take a brief look at them.
  • Section. Every section is divided into sections that have some fixed height and content in it. However, it is not really necessary to be trapped in that size – this widget will help you to create sections of any height with any background and content you would like to.
  • Posts. GutenBerry is a WordPress theme made for blogging, so you definitely would like to have an opportunity to add a block with your posts to any place of the website. This widget of the ZeGuten plugin will help you with that. There are three types of posts block you can choose from – a list, a grid, and an uneven grid.
  • Pricing Table. Of course, you can create such a table without a specialized widget but it will take much more time. This blog will give you an opportunity to place prices of different items or services into any page of the website. That will be convenient if you use GutenBerry for a small business or are used to write about some newest tech or restaurants in your blog.
  • Banner. That’s a widget that could monetize your blog a little or help your business website to become a little more profitable. With its help, you will be able to build announcements or advertising banners and locate them anywhere on the site.
  • Progress Bar. If you do some handmade stuff and like to create tutorials, a progress bar widget will definitely come in handy. Gutenberg Editor has no progress bar block by default but such detail would make the website page more interesting.
  • Circle Progress Bar. The same thing as the Progress Bar widget but shows the progress in circles. If you are a little tired of common progress bars – those ones will spice the page up a little. By the way, if you write about cars, circle progress bars will remind readers about the automobile’s dashboard.
  • Countdown Timer. There are some people who don’t like to be hurried but most human beings like to know the exact time of some event happening. A countdown timer is a convenient way to inform your readers about some events you are going to launch.
  • Image Comparison. That widget is a real treasure for websites that sell something. It could help the customer to visually compare the two items and define which one is better. The block could also come in handy for the articles comparing expectations and reality.
  • Animated Box. When you hover the pointer over the animated box – it flips over. This ZeGuten’s widget allows you to add some dynamics to the page by adding an animated box and it has 8 variants of animation for you to choose from.
  • Map. If you are a traveler and want to show your reader the exact location of the places you’ve been to – this widget will help you. It places a Google map of some location to any part of the page and doesn’t need any extra efforts from you.
  • Inline SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics (or SVG) are the images that look really great in any size but you need a special tool to insert them into the page. ZeGuten gives you the tools to do it, so you and your readers will be able to please the eye with sharp and beautiful pictures.

Wrapping up

GutenBerry WordPress theme I, probably, one of the best themes for blogging. It is simple, good-looking and it works perfectly with Gutenberg Editor. If you were looking for a nice theme to start writing articles – you found it.
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