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How to add keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress

Do you know the purpose of Meta keywords and Meta description? The main reason to add them to your site is to improve website’s SEO. We are going to show you the easiest way to add them to your WordPress site.

To make your site visible for search engines you need to specify site Meta description and Meta keywords.

Meta description is a short review of the page’s content. Meta keywords, actually, HTML meta tags, are words or phrases which will be used for searching for some info in the Internet.

The best solution for Meta information editing in WordPress is WordPress SEO plugin installation. We wanted to show you how to work with one of those plugins. Plugin we selected is Yoast SEO plugin

This plugin could be installed from the Plugins > Add New plugins section in website backend. Search for Yoast SEO, install and activate it. Plugin is installed and activated. Now you can manage SEO settings.

Before Meta information implementation you will need to enable Meta description and Meta keywords. To do that, perform two simple steps:

  1. Navigate to SEO > Dashboard section in your website back-end and click on the Features tab.

    Locate Advanced settings pages option and enable it. Click Save button to save the changes.

  2. You can enable Meta keywords for your pages now. Open SEO > Titles & Meta page and click on the Other tab.

    Now click on Enable next to the Use meta keywords tag? option.

Ready! Now you can add Meta information to your site pages and posts. First of all open page or post you need to edit and scroll down to the Yoast SEO section.

The most likely you will see automatically generated content in Meta description and Meta keywords fields. Click on Edit snippet button to modify page Meta description. And enter your keywords in the Meta Keywords field.

Make sure you entered less than 10 words to the Meta keywords section. Check if the content you added here is relevant to your page content. We recommend using phrases from the articles. To save the changes click on Close snippet editor and update your page.

The homepage has one peculiarity. To add homepage meta information you will need to navigate to SEO >Titles & Metas > Home page section in your back-end.

That is it! You know how to insert Meta information to your site now. New tutorials are coming soon.

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