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How to edit the “Under construction” page

This tutorial is going to show you how to work on the “Under Construction” page of your template.

The content of the page can be changed in the under.constrcution.html file located in your site_pro folder. On this page there is a ready-made counter. If we need to change the default time left, add a message and put a redirect to another url or page:

  1. Go to the “\site_pro\site_pro\js” folder of your template package and open a file called countdown.js in your favorite code editor (e.g. Dreamweaver).
  2. Scroll down to the very end of the document and change the date in format: "dd:hh:mm:ss" where it says
  3. $(function(){$('#counter').countdown({image:  'images/digits.png',startTime: '09:23:00:00'});});
  4. To add a certain message and a redirect when your counter has successfully finished its processing, scroll up till you see a set of the extended options like:
 // Default options
  var options = {
  stepTime: 60,
  // startTime and format MUST follow the same  format.
  // also you cannot specify a format  unordered (e.g. hh:ss:mm is wrong)
  format: "dd:hh:mm:ss",
  startTime: "01:12:32:55",
  digitImages: 6,
  digitWidth: 53,
  digitHeight: 77,
  timerEnd: function(){},
  image: "digits.png"
  var digits = [], interval;

and modify timerEnd: function(){}, to make it look like timerEnd: function(){ alert (‘We are opened!‘); window.location=’index.html‘; }, where ‘We are opened! Stand for the welcome message and ‘index.html’ is the url of your site.Save the changes and preview them on your site.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to edit the “Under construction” page
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