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How to Make a Good Landing Page?

What is a landing page?

Hi there! People often ask me, how to create a good landing page. This is actually a very good question, not just because I know the answer for it, but because people asking this question obviously are on the right way to make their business succeed. Landing page is an element in webdesign, that is created specifically for a certain segment of your traffic. It means if the business purchases the ads on other website, then they have to have a page that is specific to ones who come from that advertising spot.

What are the major purposes of the landing page?

The landing page might be created for two major purposes: lead generation and sales generation. They are a lot different, although they have the same ultimate purpose.

Lead generation pages are created for collecting contacts for further communication with perspective clients.

Sales generation pages aim obviously is generating sales. And because becoming a lead is a lot less of a barrier than making a purchase, lead generation pages are more popular and they have a lot higher conversion rate. You have probably seen pages asking for your email address in exchange for free e-book, for example, or newsletter subscription pages. That all are the process of lead generation. And the pages, where you have signed up, are lead generation pages.

Making a sale, a purchase, is a more of a barrier than sharing your contact details. Which is why the sale generation pages have a lower conversion rates and therefore they are less popular.

How to make a good landing page?

Depending on the purpose you have, you will have different base practices. If this is a lead generation page, you will have to make sure that you have a sign up form, vivid scalable heading, something that will let people know what this page is about from the first second when they are on this page. Then somewhere below you may want to have so called social proof (feedback elements from your previous clients, reviews of your business). Because people tend to want what other people want, if other people had a positive experience with your business, then you may want to share this information with your potential leads. And, of course you have to make sure that the page has visual elements that are easy to scan and locate on the page. Because people do not want to read big paragraphs of text and therefore you have to convey your message in another form.

If you are building a sales generation page, the logic is pretty similar, you just have to emphasize the message above the all, which means ‘we have the product’ and ‘buy now’ button at the top of the page. Other elements are the same, you might want to have a social proof and visual elements across the page. And one more important thing, that is common for all kinds of landing pages, you really need to have your title and meta description optimized for right keywords and message, this is something that will really help you out for optimizing the page for ads or regular search traffic. I hope it will help you.

How to Make a Good Landing Page?
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