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How to unzip a template (MAC OS)

This tutorial will show you how to extract the files from the downloaded template package. Note that the template package contains password protected archive so the procedure could be a bit different from the one you got used to.

To extract the files from the template package you need specific software. The required programs are listed at the template preview page in the template software requirements.

For MAC OS you need Stuffit Expander software. Free trial could be downloaded from http://www.stuffit.com/mac-stuffit.html

1. Open Stuffit Expander it and drag the downloaded template package to the Stuffit window:


This will start the extracting procedure and the files would be extracted into the same directory with the downloaded package.

2. Open the extracted template folder, you’ll see there another .zip package – sources_#####.zip

It’s a password protected package where all template sources are stored. Drag it to the Stuffit Expander window as you just did with the template package. You’ll be asked to insert the password:

3. Copy the password from the order details page and paste it into the unzipping software password request window.

We highly recommend you not to re-type the password, just select the password and use the Copy/Paste commands.

Make sure you copy it without any additional spaces.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below

How to unzip a template (MAC OS)
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