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How to upload files to a server Team November 15, 2010
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The files could be uploaded to your hosting server in several ways. Each hosting provider offers some hosting control panel tool with the file manager so you can use it to upload the files. The instructions on how to us it should be in the hosting FAQ or help desk.

The other way is to use the ftp manager like Filezilla, CuteFTP etc. These programs should be additionally downloaded and installed. But sometimes they are more easy to use than hosting file manager tools.

This tutorial will show you how to upload the files to the server using free ftp manager Filezilla.

After you downloaded and installed Filezilla software open it, you’ll see the following window:

Into the area marked with blue you should input your hosting ftp server details:

  • Ftp address or host name
  • Username
  • Password
  • And port (usually 21 but could be different)

Then click Quick Connect button to get access to your server.

You should see your server root with the system folders. All your website files should be placed into the specific folder that could be different for each hosting provider.
Usually the folders for the website files could be called: public_html, web, www etc
We highly recommend you to contact your hosting provider or check the hosting FAQ to learn where to upload the website files.
The Filezilla window is divided into 2 columns.
The left column (marked with blue) shows the folders and files on your computer.
The right column (marked with green) shows the folders and files on your hosting server.

To upload the files from your computer to the hosting server you can drag the files from the left column to the right one or select the file or folder in the left column, right click on it and select Upload.

The bottom window will show you the uploading process.

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