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Loaded 7. How to manage currencies and set up a default one

The following tutorial is going to show you how to manage currencies and set up a default one in your Loaded 7 template.

Loaded 7. How to manage currencies and set up a default one
  1. Log into your website admin panel (by default the admin panel URL looks like www.site.com/admin, where www.site.com is your webstore URL).

  2. In order to manage your currencies, you need to navigate to Settings->Setup->Currency.

  3. Adding New Currency

    To add a new currency, click the New Currency button and fill in the pop-up window with the following details:

    • Title – The name of the currency (for instance, British Pound).

    • Code – The ISO code of the required currency (for example, GBP).

    • Left Symbol – The symbol of the unit that appears on the left side of the price digits (for example, £).

    • Right Symbol – The symbol that would appear on the right side of the digits.

    • Decimal Places – The number of decimal digits.

    • Currency Value – The current value of the currency.

    • Set as Default – The option to make the currency the default one in the store.

    • Click the Save button to confirm the new currency.

  4. Editing Currency

    • If you need to manage your currency options, click the Edit button.

    • Edit the data you need in the pop-up window.

    • Choose to set the currency as default if necessary.

    • Click the Save button to confirm the edits.

  5. Update Rates

    • After adding the new currency, to set it as the default one or to refresh currency rates in your store, click the Update Rates button.

    • Choose one of the websites to pull the currency rate information (www.oanda.com or www.xe.com).

    • Confirm updating.

  6. Deleting Currency

    • If you need to remove some currency, click the Delete button in front of the currency you want to delete.

      NOTE: You can delete any currency except your only currency and the default currency.

    • When the pop-up box opens, confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button. Or cancel by clicking the Cancel button if you selected the wrong currency.

    • The currency has been successfully removed.

  7. Check your webstore front end. Now you know how to manage currencies in Loaded 7 templates.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Loaded 7. How to manage currencies and setup a default one
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