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OpenCart 2.x Troubleshooter. Blog pagination does not work in admin panel

The following troubleshooter addresses the issue of blog pagination in admin panel of OpenCart blog themes.

Once the blog article count is higher than 10, the sequence of numbers assigned to a specific page appears. In case you experience troubles advancing to the next/previous page, take the following actions to rectify the issue:

  1. Log into your FTP or hosting File Manager;

  2. Navigate to the following directory: admin/controller/simple_blog to locate the files listed below:

    • report.php;

    • comment.php;

    • category.php;

    • author.php;

    • article.php;

  3. Download the files and open them with a text/source code editor;

    It is recommended to keep the original copy of the files prior to applying any changes!

  4. In each file, it will be necessary to replace all the occurrences of the following variable config_admin_limit with this one: config_limit_admin;

  5. Once the files are updated, upload them back to server by replacing the original ones;

  6. Log into the backend of OpenCart theme to test blog pagination.

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