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OpenCart. How to change background

This tutorial will show you how to change background in your OpenCart template.

1) You should find out what is used as background in your template. It is better to use code inspector (firebug for Firefox, native Chrome code inspector or Dragonfly for Opera). Right click on the background you would like to change and select ‘Inspect element’ Find the styles which define the background for the template. As the rule the image is used as the background or combination of background color and image.

2) To adjust background image you should edit PSD source file which is located in /sources/psd folder inside the main template folder. Open PSD file using Adobe Photoshop and adjust the background to your needs. Then select the slice which is used for the background and save it for web.

3) Then you should check where the background image is located. As the rule the background image is located in /catalog/view/theme/themeXXX/image folder. Upload your newly created image to /catalog/view/theme/themeXXX/image folder and overwrite the image which is already there.

4) Also you may need to edit CSS file which is located in /catalog/view/theme/theme007/stylesheet folder, the file name is stylesheet.css

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

OpenCart. How to change background

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