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osCommerce. How to manage Minimum Values options

Harry Baker February 25, 2015
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This tutorial will show you how to manage Minimum Values options in osCommerce.

osCommerce. How to manage Minimum Values options

Minimum values are set by the store owner in OsCommerce admin panel. They affect the minimum amount of text for the credit card owner, credit card number, review text, best sellers, the minimum number of products a customer has purchased, etc. The Minimum values deal with a variety of things ranging from governing customer information to determining how many search results to present. Fortunately, most of these settings are pretty straightforward, so there isn’t much that should cause problems here either.

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Minimum Values option can be managed under Admin > Configuration > Minimum Values:

  • First Name – Minimum length of first name.

  • Last Name – Minimum length of last name.

  • Date of Birth – Minimum length of birth date.

  • E-Mail Address – Minimum length of e-mail address.

  • Street Address – Minimum length of street address.

  • Company – Minimum length of company name.

  • Post Code – Minimum length of post code.

  • City – Minimum length of city.

  • State – Minimum length of state.

  • Telephone Number – Minimum length of telephone number.

  • Password – Minimum length of password.

  • Credit Card Owner Name – Minimum length of credit card owner name.

  • Credit Card Number – Minimum length of credit card number.

  • Review Text – Minimum length of review text.

  • Best Sellers – Minimum number of best sellers to display.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

osCommerce. How to manage Minimum Values options
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