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Photoshop. How to Make Image Transparent

Mary Gilmore April 14, 2015
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This tutorial shows how to make the image background transparent in Photoshop.

Photoshop. How to make image transparent

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In order to make the image/logo image background transparent in Photoshop, you should perform the following:

  1. Right click the image layer in Photoshop. Select ‘Layer From Background.

  2. Select the Magic Wand Tool from the left panel in Photoshop:

  3. Select the image area you want to be transparent using the Magic Wand Tool:

  4. Once selected, click ‘Delete’ on your keyboard. With that done you should see the transparent background around the image.

  5. If some background areas remained non-transparent, please follow the steps above for each of those areas:

  6. To Save the image, click ‘File-Save for Web and Devices’ in Photoshop, then select the image and click ‘Save’:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Photoshop. How to make image transparent

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