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Photoshop. How to use bring to front feature

The following tutorial will show you how to work with slices using the bring to front feature in Adobe Photoshop application.

For example, you wish to save the image of your phone device with the picture on it’s display. As you can see, it is overlapped by the slice which is selecting mobile’s display only.

1. Select the slice 20 and save it for web (you can find more information about saving for web in this tutorial – http://info.template-help.com/how-save-for-web.html)

2. Check what you will get after saving:

3. For this reason you need to use the Bring to Front feature which allows you to save the whole slice completely.

4. Select the slice 20 illustrating mobile device and click on “Bring to Front” button. You will see that the slice 23 is hidden under the slice 20 now.

5. Save this slice and see what you get:

If you have issues following the text tutorial, feel free to check the video demonstration below:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Photoshop. How to use bring to front feature
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