The template layout structure Team November 15, 2010
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The templates file structure can be shown as:1. The files of the infoboxes (the “/boxes” folder) 2. The content files (the “/content” folder) 3. The images used in the template (the “/images” folder) 4. The modules of the main page (the “/mainpage_modules” folder) 5. The Listing modules (the “/modules” folder):The boxes.tpl.php file – the class file of the infoboxes. The extra_html_output.php file – the file of the general input functions. The header.php file – the template header The footer.php file – the template footer The mainpage.tpl.php file – the template framework The stylesheet.css file – the template styles file The “template’s name” .SQL file –  the installation .SQL script.All the parts of the template are toggled over the mainpage.tpl.php file.

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