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This tutorial will show you how to activate newsletter subscription form in your template.

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PRO Website features overview

September 21, 2012  | Category:PRO templates  | Author: Alex Ross
PRO Website features overview… Read More

Starting from the template #40121 all our HTML-based templates are equipped with “live”, working search form. This applies to all JS Animated, PRO and Responsive JavaScript Animated templates.

Feel free to check out new amazing feature at: http://static.livedemo00.template-help.com/wt_40264/…

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General information

Responsive JS Animated website templates include several layout options – each is optimized for proper screen resolution. There are many width options included, but the major ones are for desktop, tablet and smartphones screens.

PRO website PRO Framework is a very powerful tool that has the potential to deliver on all necessary aspects of website design directly from …

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The Huge PRO Step in Website Developing

June 14, 2012  | Category:PRO templates  | Author: Alex Ross
Briefly defining the main peculiarity of PRO Framework, we need to mention that it is a simple HTML5 & CSS3 based platform that contains different functionalities and code script options to assist you in professional creation of your website. Moreover, each PRO Website Template has bonus scripts and pages, free quality stock photos, clear documentation and much more. Read More
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