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What Is a Website Usability

Web usability is the ease of use of a website. Website usability is not just about making sure everything on the site works, but how quickly and easily visitors are able to make use of the site. Usability means user-centered design. Both the design and development process are focused around the prospective user – to make sure their goals, mental models, and requirements are met — to build products that are efficient and easy to use.

Web usability has following goals

  1. Positive experience – establish the initial emotional connection. People have to feel good using the site.

  2. Seamless interaction – visitors come to your site with certain goals in mind. It is your job to help them reach these goals as quickly as possible. If you can manage to do that, your visitors will be pleased and you have laid the groundwork for a positive experience.

  3. Lose minimum visits along the way – the availability and accessibility of your site. If people try to access your website and it doesn’t work for whatever reason, your website becomes worthless.

  4. Conversion — interfaces that don’t require instructions, or even a long process of trial and error to figure them out. Key to intuitive design is to make use of what people already know, or create something new that is easy to learn.

As to the usability optimization in eCommerce

  • Buttons and titles

  • Shopping cart

  • Checkout process

  • Navigation

That are the steps that can make your site more friendly to use and convenient.

What Is a Website Usability

If you already have an admin panel, you can utilize our Bootstrap Admin Themes to build a user-friendly website.

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