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What is MotoCMS?

People often ask me what is MotoCMS and what are the reviews about it. First thing about MotoCMS is that it’s a website builder (also known as a software that allows you to build websites). As you may know from the previous episodes, website building software can be downloadable and can be hosted on servers (also called SaaS option). With a downloadable product you do need your own hosting and you need to install the product on your own hosting and with SaaS everything is hosted and done for you. MotoCMS is from the downloadable group of website builders. Traditionally the system is very popular for small business websites and photography websites because the system itself optimized for visual elements and has a lot of visual tools allowing you to build a very attractive website.

MotoCMS versions

The difference between MotoCMS and other CMS (such as WordPress and Joomla) is that MotoCMS is not an open-source software, it means that you have to pay for a license in order to use it. There are 3 types of licenses available for MotoCMS (they are priced from $99 to$199). The cheapest and oldest version is MotoCMS Flash version. It has been built long ago and because of the falling trend of the Flash popularity, the company has built a newer version called MotoCMS HTML (allowing users to build non-flash outcome). Both of the versions have mobile versions, they are not responsive, they only have separate mobile version. The latest version (released in 2015) is MotoCMS version 3.0, which has been completely rebuilt from scratch and is completely responsive (you don’t need a separate mobile version) and it is very fast. According to the company, the new version has the same traditions and philosophy which makes it beginner friendly. What is also important the company claims the new version to be 40% faster than WordPress, which is a nice thing if it’s true.

MotoCMS reviews

As for the reviews, as with any other product there are positive and negative reviews. Based on the expectations and and user experience, most of the negative reviews are about older versions not being responsive, which is pretty obvious (Flash is clearly a big minus of older versions, however it was fixed with the release of the new version). The are reviews about MotoCMS support services which are mostly positive, however there are several ones which are negative, because people didn’t like to hear about something that can’t be changed by the support team or by the developers (for example, Flash). The biggest part of the reviews is about absolute positioning. It has been present in older versions of MotoCMS, this feature made it possible to drag and drop elements around the editor window and there are a lot of reviews about it and oddly enough there are positive reviews about this feature and there are negative. For example this one is clearly a negative one and it sounds like this: This system does a lot of damage. Allowing a client to change the position of elements and change the design is a very dangerous and flawed thing from the start.. And oddly enough a positive review is about the same thing from the other person: From my personal opinion are value for money. I have read with interest comments about the technical stuff or what you can do and what you cannot do with MotoCMS. And let me say this – it is exactly for this reason I like MotoCMS. As you can see, the reviews are mixed but mostly positive. Another important thing is that the company’s policy about support services is that the issues have to be taken care of within several hours. This makes support services reviews mostly positive because people feel that they are being taken care of. I hope this answers your questions, I see you next time. Bye!

What is MotoCMS?
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