What’s the Best Way to Do Email Marketing?

Roger Cunningham July 15, 2016
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Email marketing has been the most popular type of web marketing in the recent years without any obvious decline.

Let us take a look at email marketing from two different standpoints:

  • Business standpoint

  • Technical standpoint

The business standpoint of Email marketing

According to the research conducted by the ExactTarget company, each dollar spent for email marketing brings the return of $44, which is quite enough to urge the business person launch email marketing.

One of the business approaches to email marketing is sending out regular mass mailings.

This approach is rather outdated these days and less effective. It is less personal and it requires a lot more of recurring work on the content to make sure the mailings are interesting and worth the time of the target groups.

The second approach is called Automated Lead Nurturing

This is something that is done using the CRM-based systems. It is an automated or semi-automated way of engaging with consumers on the list. These systems can send emails according to a particular schedule and provide many other configurations which make them a lot more personal and far more flexible.

Another advantage of these systems is that they are better for educating leads. If you have a product that requires some time for people to get along with, Automated Lead Nurturing campaigns might be a great deal of help with it because a series of messages can be sent out and each of them can deliver the information on how to use the product or the software you offer.

These are the reasons why the Automated lead Nurturing campaigns have been getting a lot more attention recently and these monstrous returns, mentioned above, would be hiding in Automated Lead Nurturing segment since they perform a lot better and generate sales in a more effective way than regular email campaigns.

Technical standpoint of Email marketing

Sending out emails manually using regular clients email will work if there are only a few customers on the list. For the larger businesses, it is strongly suggested to use mailing services at all times. There is a great variety of them available on the market. Some of them are free for a particular number of monthly emails and subscribers and they are very easy to work with.

Among the most popular mailing services from the regular mailing segment on the list is, definitely, MailChimp. It is user friendly and has a great support team. There is another mailing service called AWeber. It is less popular than MailChimp and slightly different in functionality.

If you decide to go with Automated Lead Nurturing campaigns and techniques, the ExactTarget company can set up the mailing settings and integrate them with the Salesforce CRM the most popular CRM available on the market.

What’s the Best Way to Do Email Marketing?
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