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WooCommerce. How to edit order emails

Judy Waters March 23, 2015
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This tutorial shows how to edit order emails in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce. How to edit order emails

In case you’d like the order emails to either match your shop’s layout, or add some additional content to assist customers with their orders, this can be easily managed via WooCommerce options and files.

Navigate to WooCoommerce> Settings> Emails. This tab allows you to implement general modifications of the mails content and structure: WooCommerce_How_to_edit_order_emails_1

First, you can use ”Click here to preview your email template” button under Email Options to see the general layout of the default email customers receive.

Options available are the following:

  1. "From" Name – sets the name/address customers see.

  2. "From" Email Address – sets the email address that customers see.

  3. Header image – allows to upload an image to show up in the email’s header.

  4. Email Footer text – you can change footer text appearing in emails.

  5. Base Color, Background Color, Email Body Background Color, Email Body Text Color – here you can choose different colors to change the style of email.

These general configurations will apply to all emails. In case you’d like to implement some custom changes which should be performed for specific mail types, use the following sections under Emails tab:

  1. New order – here you can modify the new order email sent once an order is received.

  2. Processing order – that’s an order notifications sent to a customer after payment is proceeded.

  3. Completed order – these are emails sent to the customer when the order is completed (f.e., shipped).

  4. Customer invoice – these emails contain order details and payment links.

  5. Customer note – such emails are sent once note is added to an order.

  6. Resent password – here you can edit info sent to a customer once he/she resets a password.

  7. New account – this section allows you to change a letter received by a new customer once the account is created.

All of the sections contain tabs like Email Subject, Email Heading, and Email Type where you can modify general info. In case some custom changes have to be implemented, use Template option. It allows you to override template email file.

First, you should copy the file to your theme folder. Click "Copy file to theme" button for this: WooCommerce_How_to_edit_order_emails_2

Once procedure is done, you’ll have the "View template" option available. Pressing it a file will open. It contains PHP code of the letter. It provides you with much more availabilities to manage emails manually. You can add or remove sections, grab some styles, and so on: WooCommerce_How_to_edit_order_emails_3

Save changes after you are done editing. The same "Click here to preview your email template" button can be used to see the changes performed.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WooCommerce. How to edit order emails

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