XML Flash. How to add scrolling area

Ray Taylor November 24, 2011
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This tutorial shows how to add a scroll to an XML Flash template, by duplicating the scroll function from another inner page of the template and how to add a text area.

If there is no scroll function on one of the pages and you need to add more text, we can use a scroll function from another page. This tutorial will teach you how to add a scroll to the page by duplicating the existing scroll function and how to add a text area in order to add more text on the page.

1. Open the .FLA file from /sources/flash folder in Adobe Flash program and locate Pages movie clip. Often called as ‘pages_all’, ‘pages’ , ‘all content’ or ‘content’.

2. On the timeline you will see few layers and keyframes. Each key frame is one of the pages. Navigate to the page on which you already have the scroll function.

3. Click in the Scene to select the movie clip. It should be a scroll movie clip. You can look at the ‘Properties Panel’ . You should see: Instance of: scroll _ pages_xxxxxx

4. Press CTRL+C to copy that movie clip.

Navigate to the page, on which you want to place the ‘scroll’.

5. There will be an existing text boxes for the present text on that particular page. Select all the objects and move them on the side, as we will need to use it later.
Press CTRL+V to paste the ‘scroll’ movie clip which we have copied.

6. We should now duplicate this movie clip. And all movie clips which are placed on top of the actual text boxes.

7. After that is done, we can modify the content of this duplicated ‘scroll’ movie clip. Go back to the ‘existing text boxes’ which we have moved to the side (p5 above), select it all and copy (CTRL+C). Now, we should remove the original text boxes from the duplicates ‘scroll’ movie clip, which we have just placed on our page. Double click on the ‘scroll’ movie clip until you reach the actual text/text boxes. Select it all and remove. Press Delete key on your keyboard. Then press CTRL+V to paste the copied ‘existing text boxes’.

8. We are almost done. Go back to the ‘all content’ movie clip. Open the Action Script panel for the page on which we are adding the scroll. (Layer 3 , Frame2) and remove the unneeded script for the text (as this text now placed into the ‘scroll’ movie clip).

This is it, you can publish the file (CTRL+ENTER) and check your newly added scroll on the page.

Now, lets add another text box/text area.

9. Simply select the existing text box(s) and copy them (CTRL+C) then paste (CTRL+V) and move it under the original ones. Change the text number (thisPageText12) in the properties panel for each added text area.

10. Open the Action Script panel (Layer4, Frame2) and add the script for the additional text area: MovieClip(root).program.text.Content(thisPageText12,12);

11. Lastly, we should add a text into ‘mail.xmlfile. Simply duplicate the existing text and type a new text over it: <pageText><![CDATA[ YOUR TEXT HERE]]></pageText>


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

XML Flash. How to add scrolling area
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