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Zen Cart. Shopping cart&Checkout settings

Norman Fisher July 12, 2012
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This tutorial covers some major shopping cart and checkout settings of a Zen Cart store.

Your site’s customer needs to click the “add this to my cart” button to proceed to the Shopping Cart page. On the the Shopping Cart page the customer can see the list of the products with their prices that were added to the cart.

There the customer can remove the products and change their quantity.

In order to configure the buttons on the Checkout page,

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration > Stock
  2. You will see the Stock screen where you need to edit the following fields:
  • Show Shopping Cart – Delete Checkboxes or Delete Button
  • Show Shopping CartUpdate Cart Button Location

On the Stock screen page you can also configure various stock-related fields.

In order to customize the way the item count, weight and amount at the top of the table are displayed:

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration > Layout Settings
  2. On the Layout Settings screen. you need to edit the Shopping Cart – Show Totals field as follows.

To customize the look of the product images displayed on the Shopping Cart page:

  1. Click on Configuration > Images to access the Images screen.
  2. Edit the following fields as follows:
  • Image – Shopping Cart Status
  • Image – Shopping Cart Width
  • Image – Shopping Cart Height

The Shipping Estimator option in ZenCart allows customers of your Zen Cart store to see what the cost of shipping the items in their shopping cart is before they check. You may want to turn off the Estimator button in your Zen Cart shopping cart to improve its look. In order to do it,

  1. Login to Zen Cart admin
  2. In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration > Shipping/Packaging
  3. By default the Shipping Estimator is set to 1 (the on position). Switch off by setting to 0

To turn edit the template text appearing under the words “Your Shopping Cart Contents”, edit the includes/languages/English/shopping_cart.php file.

During the standard shopping process the shopping cart is displayed whenever an item is added to it. To disable this:

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration > My Store to access the My Store screen.
  2. Set the Display Cart After Adding Product field to false.

If you choose not to display the contents of the shopping cart after customers add items to them, you should plan to enable the Shopping Cart side-box. It displays the items currently in the customer’s shopping cart and the total amount for all the items. Clicking on the “Shopping Cart [more]” hyperlink will bring customers to the Shopping Cart page.

To enable the display of the Shopping Cart side-box:

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Tools > Layout Boxes Controller to access the Column Boxes screen.
  2. Edit the sideboxes/shopping_cart.php field as follows.

Besides, you may want to decide when it should appear. To do this:

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Click on Configuration > Layout Settings to access your Layout Settings screen.
  2. Edit the Shopping Cart Box Status field as follows.

To begin the checkout process, the customers should can click the “In your Zen Cart Admin checkout” button.

By default, Zen Cart provides a Simple Checkout Process that involves three steps Customers only need to specify their shipping and billing information and then confirm their orders to complete the checkout.

The checkout has two pages:

  • the checkout payment page
  • the checkout confirmation page
  • checkout success page.

You can edit the appearance of each of these pages in tpl_checkout_payment_default.php, tpl_checkout_confirmation_default.php and tpl_checkout_success_default.php all located in the template_default/templates folder.

To get the Terms and Conditions page to show during the checkout procedure, asking the customers to agree to them before they can complete their purchase:

  1. In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration -> Regulations
  2. set Confirm Terms and Conditions During Checkout Procedure to true.

You can also enable/disable the Product Notification System for the customers. To do this, In your Zen Cart Admin Configuration -> Customer Details.

Change the setting for Customer Product Notification Status to on or off. If Customer Product Notification Status is on, the customer will be asked about product notifications after checkout success and in account preferences.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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