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This is an ‘Carousel’ Script. So-called ‘Carousel’ is a simple thumbnail gallery, where slides are shown consequentially. You can find full installation and configuration instructions by following the links.

In order to make the script work, the index-#.html file with a ‘carousel’ should contain these lines of HTML code:

The <head> section of the index-#.html file contains these lines of code that initialize the script functionality with basic values:

Here the script initizlizes an element with .carousel class with following attributes:
•  btnNext: “.next” – defines “Next” button as an element with .next class;
•  btnPrev: “.prev” – defines “Previous” button as an element with .prev class;

Below you can see the HTML script representation:

Make sure to specify correct height value for each image.
In order to add an image you will simply need to copy the following construction:

Unlike other scripts you do not need to modify CSS manually. All the stylesheet will be created dynamically via JavaScript.

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