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JS Animated. How to change slider speed

This tutorial shows how to change the slider image rotation speed in JS Animated templates. The slider, usually used in the JS Animated templates is called TM_Slider and as any other jQuery based slider it has various settings. Let’s see how to configure it.

Open the JS Animated template folder and go to the site folder. There you can see several directories as css, images, js and bin. Depending on a template structure you can also see several index.html files (index.html, index-1.html, index-2.html etc) or a single one. In any case open index.html file with your HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad.
There you need to find the following code:

<script  type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function()  {

It can be a bit different but in any case it’ll have the same structure  

So in order to change the image rotation speed you should edit the slideshow value. It defines the pause before image change in milliseconds. Set your value, save the index.html file and refresh your page in browser to see the changes.

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