Art Store Responsive Magento Theme
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Motor - Car Services Magento Theme
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Photography Responsive Magento Theme
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Helpful Magento Google Maps Themes To Attract The Audience

Directors and marketers always appreciate a beautiful site with the proper structure and attractive details for buyers. After all, promotions' success is independent of how excellent and well-thought-out the advertising and marketing strategy is. It'll only bring you benefits if the sections look modern, there is an office address in the contacts, and the search filter structure needs to be more apparent to people. Take care not just of a beautiful, but a comfortable design! Buy Magento Google Maps themes on TemplateMonster. They are colorful, stylish, and look just gorgeous. Ensure it after watching the demo. Study the preview, read the description, and choose the best for your business on our marketplace!

What Are Magento Google Maps Themes

Products have gained popularity due to their multitasking. First, these are ready-made designs. However, layouts have several valuable functions:

  • They help to launch the project in a short period. The first changes in appearance are visible after installation, which lasts a couple of minutes. Buyers may complete settings in a few days. This point depends on the level of your knowledge and skills and your free time.
  • Saves the budget for creating a website. Try to find out the cost of similar work from a web designer. You will be surprised to compare it with the price on TemplateMonster. Costs are a minimum of five times more expensive.
  • Adapts sections for gadgets. Do you remember when elements fell out of sight if someone opened the site on a mobile phone? This thing never happens if you order high-quality templates. With the help of new technologies, you also cover users of all gadgets without exception.
  • It adds convenience for buyers. If we are talking about an online store, the visitor mustn't think about simple questions, for example, where is the filter, how to sort the products by increasing price, and whether there's a wishlist. Actions should be intuitive, and the structure generally accepted.

As you see, with the help of a ready-made design, buyers may change their attitude toward their business. Not only beauty is essential.

Advantages Of Magento Google Maps Themes

Below are the technical characteristics, technologies, and visual features most customers like. You can use all the functionality when you learn about its essence and usefulness.

So, all customers get these benefits.

Unique design

Authors create such projects that aren't similar to competitors. Every web developer wants marketplace visitors like their layout. Therefore, the look must be unique. You are not the only buyer. However, the number of purchases of the same design is many times smaller than downloaded free templates.

Google Maps and Fonts

With the help of the first function, you show your office location directly in the contacts section on the site. This point lets visitors quickly estimate what day to plan a visit to your company. Pay special attention to the vast selection of fonts. Choose exciting and unusual or concise and readable. The author added everything so that the company could emphasize its uniqueness.


The function helps the pages to become flexible. Consequently, they automatically adjust to the size of the user's screen. People see only the most convenient and thoughtful pages.

Search Engine Friendly

How about getting positions in Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings faster? The authors of the layouts improve the process. After all, specialists did several things to enhance your website.


Fast sections contribute to the growth of the number of loyal audiences. People are impatient and will only wait up to 5 seconds.


The appearance's versatility and diversity help buyers adapt the template to their business type. This point means that the total looks concise and suitable for many people.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Another step to adapting your website to new technologies and gadgets.

Dropdown Menu

Place sections logically, and visitors find a wanted assortment faster.

Sample content

The author added his test version of the text to the information blocks. In this way, you see where you should add data about the product in the future and where to upload a picture.


Imagine you receive documentation on many pages. It contains information about editing. Magento is a complex system. Instructions help in mastering a new product. Be careful while reading the description, and you will find valuable data.


A beautiful, bright, and stylish layout shows a potential audience your best fashion novelties or the latest innovations in the company.


The most popular page among SEO specialists. However, you also use the section to attract customers. For example, tell in the article how to correctly guess the sizes of clothes from different brands or what tariff plan to choose.


A huge banner at the page's top is a real highlight of the project. With the help of excellent content, you set the tone and emotions and awaken the desire to act. For example, to see a new collection or look for fantastic items on sale.

How To Use Magento Google Maps Themes

The primary layout feature is the ability to show the company's location. How to use it correctly:

  • Update the data. Has the office moved? Be sure to upload new coordinates.
  • Apply to all departments. So a person has a choice and comes to the nearest address.
  • Show the main office, delivery points, and valuable coordinates. This information is more than just practical. It has a positive effect on the company image. You present business as a sincere and transparent company.

We hope the tips are meaningful when editing and filling out the sections.

Helpful Video About Improving The Website

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Magento Google Maps Themes FAQ

Is there support for the paid template?

Yes, TemplateMonster customers receive the service for six months for free.

Is it possible to edit Magento Google Maps themes?

Yes, you get many settings to choose from. The buyer decides whether to change the parameters or leave them without changes.

How to configure Magento Google Maps themes?

Please open the received instruction. It'll be in the archive together with the product. Next, find the section with the name of the desired setting. Follow the steps from the manual in your site's admin panel.

Who needs Magento Google Maps themes?

First, layouts are helpful for companies with many offices, delivery points, or a chain of stores. In this case, showing the address becomes one of the marketing techniques. However, everyone needs a design with modern pages. How you present your business is how potential clients relate to it.