Carilli - Car Tuning Magento Theme
Dreaming about a cool web presence for you auto business? Take a close look at Car Tuning Magento Theme that will help to present your services in the best light. It has all you need to convert...
Sales: 16
Support: 4.2/5
Flooring Magento Theme
Here is a clean and minimal eCommerce theme that can be used for designing an online store from scratch or updating the current one. It is loaded with an assortment of powerful tools and features...
Sales: 52
Support: 4.2/5
Hookah - Hookah Bar Magento Theme
Create a professional hookah or tobacco online store with the help of this Magento 2 theme. Theme store design make it easy to introduce your products in the best way. Hookah theme has a clean...
Sales: 3
Support: 4.2/5
Inflatable Toys Magento Theme
Meet ToyBoost, a supreme Magento 2 theme built for selling inflatable toys, air blowers, and bounces houses. With its bright and lively design it's a perfect fit for a children store. ToyBoost is...
Sales: 6
Support: 4.2/5
Cycling Store Magento Theme
Give explicit About story of your company, showcase the products you sell, keep the audience updated, and let them buy online with this Bike Shop Magento Theme. Its flat responsive layout can be...
Sales: 85
Support: 3.1/5
Techno Power Magento Theme
This computer hardware Magento template is a clear, easy-to-navigate solution equipped with a full package of eCommerce features. A built-in dropdown cart gives a prompt access to chosen items...
Sales: 20
Support: 3.1/5
Marine Store Magento Theme
This bluish marine store will submerge you into the world of adventures and romantics. Nice italic fonts of the maritime Magento theme draw visitor's attention to website's content. Slider with...
Sales: 7
Support: 3.1/5
Blue Magento Theme
This snowboarding Magento theme is supplied with advanced options, which will make your site a worthy complement to your physical store. It features a fancy slider to show visitors the best...
Sales: 21
Support: 3.1/5
Candy Web Store Magento Theme
From time to time we need to treat ourselves with something sweet and tasty, and a candy eshop is the first place to go in such cases. A catchy design is exactly what makes any online store...
Sales: 11
Support: 3.1/5
Masculine Elegance Magento Theme
Create a clean marketplace for fashion items with this mobile-friendly Magento theme. It is supplied with carousels that allow showing multiple products in a space-efficient manner on the page. To...
Sales: 26
Support: 3.1/5
Flags Shop Magento Theme
Flags are generally known to be the symbol of nationhood and identity. They represent the history of ones' country and hanging these inside or out your home is a true way to show your civic...
Sales: 1
Support: 3.1/5
Electro Goods Magento Theme
If you want to outrun your competitors, choose this positive design. Its bright rainbow colors look buoyant and immediately raise customers' mood. On top of the page a slider showcases deals of the...
Sales: 8
Support: 3.1/5

Best Blue Magento Themes To Attract Visitors

The color inspires, invigorates, charges emotions, and gives a specific character to the company. By choosing our layouts, you are sure they are of high quality and carry the message you need for a mass audience. Try blue Magento themes to create a calm atmosphere on your website, give confidence to the buyer and receive trust. Many banks, pension companies, creditors, lawyers, doctors, and manufacturers use shades of azure, cyan, and navy to develop the entire business. Watch the demo to ensure the style fits and the sections have the right blocks. Shop on TemplateMonster!

Advantages Of Blue Magento Themes

You'll like the products on our marketplace for many reasons. They give a quick result, the project acquires a new design without significant financial investments, and you can think further about the development of the brand.

We also note the following useful functions:

  • Responsive. The pages are quickly adjustable to the user's gadget and its size.
  • Search Engine Friendly. Google, Bing, and Yahoo start assigning you a place in the ranking faster.
  • Sliced PSD. The division into layers gives you unlimited possibilities for editing. Just load the element into your Photoshop and adjust.
  • Dropdown Menu. Structure information using this block. This point makes it easier for people to find the desired assortment.
  • Google map. The showed placement of the office is favorable because, in this way, you win more trust. Also, it allows potential buyers to find your address faster.
  • Sample content. The author added his version of the text to the information blocks. Now you know where you need to upload your version of the content.
  • Online Store/Shop. The ability to trade via the Internet depends on the availability of certain functionality. There must be an order form, a shopping cart, and the availability of online payment. This item guarantees you the presence of the necessary blocks and functionality to turn an ordinary website into an online store.
  • Multicurrency. Use the site to Offer beautiful clothes, furniture, books, sports equipment, or services. Stay open to borders and set up delivery around the world.

Find out the complete list of characteristics by reading the product description. We are telling you a lot of exciting information to help you choose.

Who Needs Blue Magento Themes

Many people around the world use this CMS. Today we are showing a layouts collection in a subdued calm color. Shades are ideal for the following types of activities and firms:

  • Insurance companies.
  • Government enterprises.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Philanthropy.
  • Auctions.
  • Banks.
  • Credit companies.
  • Lawyers.
  • Psychotherapists.
  • Private medical clinics.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Car service.
  • Tourist agencies.
  • Marketing and PR firms.
  • Gadgets.
  • Trips to the mountains.
  • Wild nature tours.
  • Ski resorts.

Emphasize the specifics of your business with the help of a suitable color scheme. Order the best at TemplateMonster.

How To Choose Blue Magento Themes

First, look at the layout without binding to its color. Authors often offer additional options to choose from. Also, some web developers provide access to a full palette, where you can select the right shade according to the brand book.

Secondly, remember the content presented in the demo is only a good example. In this way, the author tries to convey all the beauty and elegance of the template. After purchase and installation, you upload new content to the blocks.

Thirdly, read the description to the end. You may learn and apply the main advantages of web development in practice.

Helpful Video For Any Project

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Blue Magento Themes FAQ

Is there support for blue Magento themes?

Yes, you receive a free service for six months.

How do free designs differ from paid ones?

Such variants of the look are more outdated. They are not updated. Consequently, one day the design stopped working correctly, and new visitors left empty-handed without a purchase.

How to set up a template?

Customize the appearance with the documentation's help. We sent you the product after purchase and the instructions by email. Find the section with the description of the push-button setting and get started right away! By the way, TemplateMonster has an additional installation and configuration service. Read the terms and conditions at the link.

How to get a discount on a template?

We invite you to visit our section with constant updates on discounts by following the link. There are many options for valuable graphics, ready-made layouts, and excellent content!