19 Holidays, Gifts & Flowers Magento Templates

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5 Best Holidays, Gifts & Flowers Magento Templates 2021

Template Name Downloads Price
Unique Gifts Magento Theme 115 $179
Special Occasion Cards Magento Theme 35 $179
Festive Balloons Magento Theme 34 $179
Gift Shop Magento Theme 33 $179
Special Day Cards Magento Theme 33 $179

Holidays, Gifts & Flowers Magento Templates

Our Holidays, Gifts & Flowers Magento Templates are specially designed considering your needs as a business owner. They are cost effective and don't require much time to be implemented. Also, you won't need any external help as they are extremely easy to understand and configure.

Best Premium Holidays, Gifts & Flowers Magento Themes

Any site needs a refreshing in design from time to time. This way, you'll attract new users and show your loyal customers you are open to new ideas and challenges. Still, a redesign involves costs and time which is why many site owners avoid major changes and prefer to implement new modules, cheaper and cost efficient.

Holidays and celebrations are all about having fun and being relaxed and these are the main feelings our themes promote. Using high quality images of people having fun at a party, we set a comfortable mood so the viewer can enjoy the time spent online browsing through your offer. The main slider is the perfect advertising tool as it introduces the user to your best products and offers in a non-aggressive manner.

The main menu is the central navigational system in your online store, improving the browsing experience and creating a feeling of security. All graphical elements are supported by HTML and JS coding allowing for each theme to be responsive and adaptable to various web platforms.

The back panel offers all the necessary tools an online store needs and you have full control over them. For example, the Ajax Shopping Cart allows clients to place orders and you to see and honor them. Also, a variety of web forms is at your disposal to improve the management process and make it smoother.

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