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Interior & Furniture Magento Themes

Need a website that offers visitors a pleasant browsing experience, to get established as one of the go-to furniture and home accessories stores? Quick navigation features, previews and filtering options for all products are a must. With our furniture Magento theme, your website will become your primary salesperson.

Best Premium Interior & Furniture Magento Templates

Offering potential customers many ways to browse your products is a great way to increase revenue. By going with our platform, you can also make sure that your e-commerce security needs are also met. Stability and guaranteed safety can turn visitors into regular customers.

We offer a variety of Magento templates suitable for both general and specific niche furniture showrooms. The extent of customization you can apply to these designs is only limited by your imagination. Setting up the perfect online store for furniture has never been easier.

Choosing the Right Template

Before deciding on a theme, you should be clear on what products you offer. The interior design business brands can offer either everything or specific accessories. Each Magento furniture theme in our collection can cater to both small businesses and large online furniture outlets.

If you are sure that you will only sell a precise range of products such as tiles or curtains, we have you covered. Professional-looking designs are waiting for your unique content and portfolio of brands. You can customize everything from menus to newsletters as well as describe the items the way you want.

We also offer Magento templates for kitchens and kitchen appliances or entire showrooms for individual homerooms. You can display your collection of beds paired with closets and matching drapes. You can also show off your classy sofas and entertainment centers, by size, brand, and whatever other criteria you have in mind.

We give our recommendation as needed but the choice is yours. If you are not set on a particular niche or plan on expanding the store in the future, we also have more generic templates. These are also easy to maintain and come with the option of adding future extensions without hassle.

Changing the content is as easy as pasting new text over the default one. Your marketing strategy is entirely up to you to design. Listing product features as well as customizing the form for generating leads is for you to optimize.

Important Features We Offer Your Website

Here are some of the main reasons why our platform can help you to stand out from among your competitors. Our cart and wish list system will come in handy for all online shoppers. It can also boost sales by allowing customers to buy more than one item with fewer clicks.

Maybe you want to offer customers advice on how to shop and why they should choose certain products. Our integrated blog feature helps you to creatively promote specific items or an entire brand. Offer your thoughts on new trends and watch as new visitors are driven to target areas of the shop.

The many product display option is a good way for you to showcase more than one item at a time. Adjust this in any way you like. You can let visitors check out discounts, the most popular items or more.

What content you use, will be up to you. The standard template will already have some level of SEO optimization implemented so that you will have a good start. We know that fancy graphics don’t improve search engine ranks so our wording is also up to the challenge.

Availability and exposure are key marketing points you need to keep in mind. To help with this, our templates come with multi-lingual and multi-currency features. This can open up new revenue streams overnight.

The Ajax search engine offers some quality of life features to customers. As they type, the engine closes in on the most relevant results. Removing characters will broaden the product pool once more.

One of the coolest features that comes with the Magento furniture theme for interior & furniture websites is the detailed instructions on how to customize it. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to figure it out. We are here for you every step of the way.

When you want to offer some cool discounts for your décor shop, use our product badges. These are eye-catching UI elements, guaranteed to generate interest. They are not big enough to annoy or small enough to be missed.

Responsive Design with Live Chat

Another important aspect for all e-commerce websites, regardless of industry, is client interaction. You can use the live chat feature embedded in our templates and offer customer support around the clock. Whether answering product related questions or dealing with orders, solutions come faster.

The ability to interact in the comment section with blog readers is also key when promoting. Linking articles to specific badges are a great way to push products. It also makes it easier for the customer to buy those items.

Our platform design is accessible from all devices. This way, you are reachable by mobile users and PC users alike. People can shop from anywhere or put in an order on their way to your actual store. If you want more online or foot traffic, this is how to easily get it. Last but not least, social media is another marketing avenue and potential revenue stream.

The templates can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in seconds and then, you can set up promotional events. You can even take advantage of our forms and generate leads and traffic toward your social media accounts.

Whether you are operating an already successful business or are struggling, choosing the right template is the first thing to do. If you are an expert in your field it means that few can understand your products better. This is why everything we offer is highly customizable, generating a unique design and browsing experience.

The furniture Magento theme is a great way to leave competitors behind. We guide you with step-by-step instructions to create a successful e-commerce interior design shop. Our own customer support service is dedicated to helping you with any possible setup, maintenance or technical issues.