Magetique - Lingerie Magento Theme
When building a lingerie online store, there may be a lot of ready-made solutions, but one of the best would be the Magetique lingerie theme, built based on the Magento 2 engine. Robust,...
Sales: 55
Support: 4.1/5
Glassini Magento Theme
Glassini is a responsive Magento theme made with a soft, neutral color palette, which allows you to use it for a broad range of online stores. It is supplied with a sticky mega menu and a...
Sales: 94
Support: 4.1/5
Petty - Lingerie Store Magento Theme
Pretty is a Lingerie Shop Magento Theme, which design lures the users' attention with bold visuals and videos. The theme is pre-loaded with a customizable newsletter popup form. Basically, this is...
Sales: 39
Support: 4.1/5
TeaNeko - Tea Website Magento Theme
Tea is an answer to most problems. It is known to be an extremely popular drink. This Tea Website Template named TeaNeko perfectly suits the concept to create a tea shop online. It is developed in...
Sales: 4
Support: 4.1/5
Babytera - Baby Store Magento Theme
TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions....
Sales: 30
Support: 4.1/5
Glassonic Magento Theme
A bright and daring designer glasses Magento theme like this would become a great basis for any glasses online store. The layout is unusual enough to carve into the memory of a customer, and the...
Sales: 69
Support: 4.1/5
Infant Magento Theme
This baby fashion Magento theme boasts light, eye-friendly aesthetics with a skilful color mix. Its grid-based layout can take good care of your content structuring. To display your items, there is...
Sales: 38
Support: 4.1/5
Clear Vision Magento Theme
This contact lens store has a clean, well-structured design. Its white background and light photos create an effect of radiance on the page. New products and special items are presented in a...
Sales: 38
Support: 3/5
Kinder Magento Theme
This Family News Magento theme is Search Engine Friendly What is it?Search Engine Ready is the kind of website design that allows the search engine to crawl and index its content. Why is it...
Sales: 28
Support: 3/5
Magazine Store Magento Theme
When it comes the time to choose a skin for a magazine site, well crafted and wisely structured design is often the most important factor. As usual, such sites are content heavy and require...
Sales: 15
Support: 3/5
Festive Balloons Magento Theme
This responsive entertainment Magento theme is designed to promote any party-related items. Its palette is presented with a violet color and its shades, but some elements, e.g. search, login and...
Sales: 33
Support: 3/5
Handbag Boutique Magento Theme
TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions....
Sales: 9
Support: 3/5
Plus Size Clothing Magento Theme
Notice how the choice of colors makes the layout of online fashion store visually pleasing. A refined look of this theme is achieved with the help of elegant light pink and its shades, which are...
Sales: 3
Support: 3/5

Best Pink Magento Themes To Make A Joyful Feeling

Playful fuchsia or gentle pastel rose color? No matter what shade you choose, you'll be a resounding success! After all, thanks to our fabulous collection of pink Magento themes, you can attract a huge audience's attention. Add bright ultramarine options and evoke emotions of joy, lightness, and unobtrusiveness. Buy a template with pastel cream shades and sell children's and women's items and services without a loss. Learn more about the features of our layouts and immediately start looking for the right one!

Advantages Of Pink Magento Themes

Such designs buyers like primarily because of the quick result. You install the template, upload the content and enjoy the new look. However, there is also an editing option. With its help, you can do the following:

  • Create unique pages.
  • Add thematic and emphasize your business type.
  • Adapt the layout to your corporate style and logo.

Also, our goods have several features useful for any company:

  • Responsive layout. It's flexible and fast. Therefore, it easily adapts to any gadget.
  • SEO-friendly. What could be better than quickly hitting the top of Google or Bing? For an online store, this is daily bread. Therefore, the authors of the layouts did a lot of work to prepare your site for further SEO promotion. So you get the place in the ranking much faster.
  • Google map. Show your company's or separate firm's address and immediately receive the first visitors.
  • Ajax. Quick pages are a necessity for any business. Don't keep your potential audience waiting.
  • Ajax search. The function is valuable if you have a large assortment. The person sees options for clothes or glasses models in the drop-down line before he has time to write the product's name.
  • Multicurrency. Our layouts are maximally universal and suitable for many countries.
  • Updates. Having a working layout ensures that tomorrow your store will look the same as yesterday.
  • Blog, Gallery, and About Us. Important sections about the company should be memorable. The authors figured out how to make pages even more playful and elegant.

Please read the description of each item to learn more about our products.

Who Needs Pink Magento Themes

First, you may change the color scheme. Therefore, the layouts can be called universal. The main thing is the style and general idea of the web developer.

Secondly, considering shades of cream, fuchsia, and the classic style of Barbie, templates are in demand among such companies:

  • Children's toys.
  • Women's clothing and accessories.
  • Sports equipment and costumes.
  • GYMs.
  • Organization of events and holidays.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Delivery of flowers.
  • Desserts and food.
  • Travels.
  • Photographers and videographers.
  • Web designers.
  • Pet stores.

Have additional ideas? Add them to the list. Shop the best on our marketplace.

How To Choose Pink Magento Themes

First, find out what all the sections look like. Watch the demo and see the blocks' location, animation, and layout examples on different gadgets.

Secondly, read the description. Find out what functions and possibilities each of the options you like.

Third, check compatibility. Read the data about which version of the CMS update the template is compatible with.

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Pink Magento Themes FAQ

Is there support for paid templates?

Yes, TemplateMonster customers get six months of service for free. The web developer provides support.

How to get a discount on pink Magento themes?

You don't need to do anything to order a product at a discount. Just visit our Sales section at the link and look for the options you like.

How to configure pink Magento themes?

Order the service from TemplateMonster via the link to save time. If you want to deal with the project yourself, we recommend you find the instructions and follow the steps indicated in the manuals. In this way, readers learn how to use the website admin panel and learn how to make settings. Instructions are in the file received when purchasing the template.

How to download pink Magento themes?

Download the template immediately after payment. Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email to the specified address during the order. Open the e-letter and save the file to your computer or other gadget.