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Home & Family Magento Templates

We know how important an online store can be for your business, which is why we created the Home & Family Magento Templates collection. Templates that are easy to implement without any external help and that come integrated with tools to make your life easier.

Best Premium Home & Family Magento Themes

An online store can be difficult to maintain, especially if you own a small business in full development. There are many things to do before launching a fully functional and well populated shop which is why many business owners tend to postpone this step.

Any store (online or offline), needs an amazing product presentation. For online stores the product presentation is realized through images and content organization. Our themes support high quality images that allow the viewer to see every detail, and each template is integrated with the video player feature which improves the user experience and creates a feeling of security and transparency.

Each layout promotes a general content structure to allow the possible client to understand your site and its categories quickly and efficiently. The back panel allows you to change this structure with a few simple clicks. This way, by using a few simple tools, you can change the images, the content structure and general display mode, gallery script, category names, active modules, and many others. Each template is accompanied by a complete set of documentation where you'll find answers related to both technical and customization issues.

The online store should be the main tool to run your business which is why our themes support features like a pre-integrated shopping cart, currency and language settings, web forms to help you in managing the users' flow and improve the relationship with clients, and many others.

Start your online store today and watch your business grow! Choose the best theme from our collection!