Why should you find the best cloud storage for photos 2020?

nastik February 7, 2020
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  1. How do you find the best cloud storage for photos?
  2. The best cloud storage for photos to use

If you are a photographer, whether you are a professional, or you just start taking photos, you should consider finding a good place to store all your photos. A hard disk drive would be a perfect starting point. However, these files can take much space and you may start looking for new options. Of course, you can buy more HDDs or even SDDs. It may look like a good idea, but it requires you to spend some money. That’s why you should consider finding the best cloud storage for photos. However, let’s consider some aspects of taking photos.

You can take several hundreds of photos. Each photo can take much space, especially, if it’s a RAW photo. Professionals prefer using RAW photos. Such photos are uncompressed, so you get exactly what your camera “sees”. It also provides you with great flexibility when it comes to image editing. RAW files are quite big and one photo session may require 10 or even 30 GB (it depends on the task and the number of photos you take). Sometimes, a photographer can take 50 or even 100 photos. Then a photographer chooses the one that meets their requirements. This process can take some time. That’s why you don’t want to deal with any technical restrictions like the available space. After the photo session, you can upload all the photos on your HDD and then you can start working with them. However, what if you are away and you have no access to your computer?

Let’s consider a simple example. You have a trip and you want to take some photos. You find a nice place and take many photos. You can use your laptop to store new photos. However, your laptop HDD has some limits and you can run out of space quite fast. Of course, you can take some external HDDs with you, but it’s not always the case – you need to take them with you and it’s quite tiresome. Therefore, you need to find a solution that allows you to access your photos wherever you are. That’s the case when you need to find the best cloud storage. Of course, you need to have internet access. Such online storages are great – you can upload your photos and access them wherever you need them. There are some factors to consider, but online storages are quite useful.

They are a great option if you have internet access. However, if you are somewhere where you can’t access the internet – you still need to use HDDs or SDDs. Luckily, hotels will always provide you with internet access.

The good thing about online storing services is that you don’t need to carry any extra HDDs, you can upload files from your laptop immediately.

Online storages are also great if you want to share your photos. That’s a great option for teams. You can upload a photo. A photo retoucher can download it and start editing it immediately. Therefore, online storage is a great option to cooperate and increase your productivity.

A great thing is that it can be the best cloud backup solution. The point is that HDDs and SDDs can’t work forever. The lifespan of an HDD or an SDD may be quite tricky to predict. For example, an HDD has moving parts and they are vulnerable to impacts. SDDs don’t have moving parts, but they have capacitors, which may malfunction. If you upload your photo to online storage you can be sure that your data is safe.

Cloud services are maintained by professionals. They value their reputation so they want to provide you with the best possible user experience. Therefore, they will do everything possible to make sure you are completely satisfied with the service.

How do you find the best cloud storage for photos?

Different companies provide you with different solutions. Some cloud services provide you with 5 GB of free space and other services let you upload 15 GB of photos. Moreover, some services have built-in photo editors. Moreover, some cloud services can sync with your devices. Cloud services may have special applications that make them easier to use.

Popular cloud services are super fast. Therefore, it all depends on your uploading speed. Moreover, online storage services are available in different countries, so you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing them.

When it comes to choosing the storage consider following factors:

  • The available space. Some cloud storage services provide you with 2 GB of space for free, while other services provide you with 50 GB of free space.
  • The price. If you need a lot of space, then you should be ready to spend some money. Some services can provide you with 30 TB of space.
  • Additional apps. Some services have additional applications that can make everything easier. You can manipulate your files using a tablet or a mobile phone.
  • Some cloud services may have additional features, like real-time data encryption. Such services are great if you need extra protection.
  • Keep in mind that some services allow you to upload photos only. Therefore, you can’t upload video files.

However, the most important feature to consider is compression. Some cloud services compress files when you upload them. Therefore, the file takes less space, but you lose some details. It’s very important if you need to save the original photo quality. This is the case when you may want to retouch the photo or print it later.

The best cloud storage for photos to use

It may take some time to find the solution. Here’s the list of the solutions that can help you


It’s a popular cloud service. It uses the SSL protocol to encrypt the data. You can be sure that nobody can access your photos. This service is very reliable and you can be sure that you won’t lose your data. It also supports Android and iOS devices. It can work with numerous image formats, like .jpg, .psd, .ai, .png, etc. It also has a history feature. The service provides you with 2 GB of space for free. If you want more – you can buy a subscription.

$11.99/month 2 TB
$19.99/month 3 TB
$15/month per user 5 TB
$25/month per user As much as you need


Here’s a great option for people who don’t want to spend money but have some space. This service provides you with 50 GB of free space! It’s a good deal if you don’t need much space. You can also buy more space.

€4.99/month 400 GB
€9.99/month 2 TB
€19.99/month 8 TB
€29.99/month 16 TB

This service also uses a complex encrypting algorithm. Therefore, you can be sure that nobody can access your data. It also has a special application that facilitates data management. A great factor about this service is that you can get 10 GB of free space if you invite your friend.

Microsoft OneDrive

Here’s a popular solution from Microsoft. It’s super reliable. It has a flexible file accessibility system. You can make some files and folders public or private. It also works with Microsoft Office – you can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint files. You get 5 GB of free space. However, you can buy more space:

$1.99/month 100 GB
$68.99/year 1 TB
$99.99/year 6 TB total (1000 GB each for 6 users)

Space is quite “cheap” and it perfectly integrates with other Microsoft products. This service has offline folders, multi-page scan, etc.


If you use Apple devices, then this is a perfect solution for you. It synchronizes perfectly with different Apple devices. It may not have too many additional features, but it synchronizes perfectly with Apple devices. You get 5 GB of space for free. The pricing plans are different for different countries, so it’s better to check it beforehand. The pricing plan shown below is for the United States of America

$0.99 50 GB
$2.99 200 GB
$9.99 2 TB

Amazon Cloud Drive

The cloud service from Amazon can be accessed from various devices. It supports RAW files. It has a prime membership that allows you to get unlimited photo storage. Moreover, you get 5 GB of space to store your video files. You can try a prime membership for 30 days to understand if that’s right what you need. You can also get 5 GB of space for free. The plans are:

$19.99/year 100 GB
$59.99/year 1 TB

This service supports RAW files. Amazon is amazing when it comes to photos.

Google Drive

You can get 15 GB for free. You can store photos and videos. Moreover, you can create documents, tables, etc. It has various tools that can be quite useful. You can easily share your data.

$1.99/month 100 GB
$2.99/month 200 GB
$9.99/month 2 TB
$99.99/month 10 TB
$199.99/month 20 TB
$299.99/month 30 TB

You can save some money if you pay annually. Moreover, some plans may have additional features.

If you are a photographer, then you should consider having a nice, modern website. Of course, you can create everything from scratch. However, it requires much time (even, if you know how to code). Luckily, there a better alternative – you can get one of the templates. These templates are super flexible. You can change everything about it. You can add new elements and customize them. The great thing is that you don’t need to know how to code. You can do everything using a simple drag and drop editor.

Your page is an ideal place to show your photos. Install new plugins to add new features.

Here’s a quick table that can help you choose the best cloud storage for photos:

Name Why Why not
Dropbox Data protection. Easy to use and access Only 2 GB for free and it can be quite expensive
Mega You get much space for free and it encrypts data It may work slow sometimes
Microsoft OneDrive Good compatibility with Microsoft products and many additional features It doesn’t have reliable backup features
ICloud Perfect synchronization with Apple devices Subscription is quite expensive
Amazon  Cloud Drive Supports RAW. You can get unlimited storage for photos You get 5 GB for free only. The free account has some limitations
Google Drive Many plans. Easy to use and it has many additional features You may have some availability issues in certain countries (China).
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