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Cherry Framework 4. How to manage Blog page settings

Margarett Ortiz April 7, 2016
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Hello! This tutorial is going to show you how to manage Blog page settings in Cherry Framework 4.

Cherry Framework 4. How to manage Blog page settings

Navigate to Cherry -> Options -> Blog, you will see the following settings there:

  1. Featured Media. You can disable or enable displaying of Featured Image, Gallery, Audio, Video in blog posts listing depending on post type:

  2. Featured Image Size. You can select dimensions for post featured images from a drop down:

  3. Featured Image Alignment. This option allows you to select alignment for post featured images:

  4. Post content section allows selecting the way post content is displayed in blog listing, it can be partial of full display:

  5. You can specify the number of words displayed in blog listing content part in Content Part Length section. However, this option will not work if a post has an excerpt:

  6. More button section allows enabling/disabling Read more button in blog listing:

  7. You can specify Read more button label text in More button label section:


Let’s review the “Meta” and “Post” options, which appear to be a part of the “Blog”.

“Meta” includes the following settings: show or hide posts Date, Author, Comments, Categories and Tags:


Let’s navigate to “Post” option now.

It includes the following settings for single post: Featured Image, Size of Featured Image, Alignment of Featured Image, Navigation, Author bio, Related posts, Allow comments, Gallery slider, Lightbox for images in a content:


You may see what each setting allows you to do by checking short description of a setting.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Cherry Framework 4. How to manage Blog page settings
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