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CherryFramework 4. How to work with Cherry Social plugin

This tutorial shows you how to work with Cherry Social plugin in CherryFramework 4.

CherryFramework 4. How to work with Cherry social plugin

Cherry Social plugin is a default plugin that helps to manage social links in the WordPress templates based on CherryFramework 4.

You can easily modify current items and add new ones to the list. Navigate to Cherry > Options > Social to work with the plugin:


You will see a few sections available in there:

  1. Sharing networks: allows to check/uncheck nets that should be used in the site:


  2. Follow Us title: used to specify the title for the social icons row (keep that empty if no title is required):


  3. Follow Us networks: used to input required social net, specify its link and icon:


You can modify existing items and update links/icons with new ones using the areas mentioned above. Any Social net can be eliminated by clicking Delete button:


The steps to add a new social button are the following:

  1. Click plus button at the bottom under Follow Us Networks section. The line with empty fields to fill in will appear.

  2. Specify the URL to your net account under the External link field.

  3. Font class should to be filled in with specific class for the icon. That is flaticon-### where ### is replaced with the name of required social net.

    Also, you can use any of Font Awesome icons.

  4. Type the title of newly created social net under Link Label field.

Note: If you need more than one social net, use the plus button once again and perform the same steps as described above.

Click Save options button once all the required modifications are applied:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

CherryFramework 4. How to work with Cherry social plugin

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