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WordPress Updates

Cherry Framework Update

April 7, 2013  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
Finally this moment has come, today we’d like to announce the date of the Cherry framework update – Monday, the 8th of April. Read More

December 12, 2012. WordPress Themes Got Revamped. Cherry Framework

December 24, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross

Starting exactly from this moment WordPress fans should start crying of joy! The thing TemplateMonster’s developers invented will ease down the installation of the sample data content of the WordPress core website template. Meet WordPress + Cherry Framework + Bootstrap Functionality!

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WordPress template package evolution explained

December 13, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
WordPress template package evolution explained! Read More

New Booking Forms in WordPress Themes

October 8, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
Today we would like to share one of its points that’s already marked as Done. Huge work has been done and resulted into a fully functional WordPress Booking Form with input validation and optional feedback. Read More

August 30, 2012. WordPress Framework updates

September 11, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross

The following changes have been implemented.

  • Child Themes support;
  • CSS stylization (size, weight, style, font-family) of titles via the admin panel;
  • Ability to manage the favicon via the admin panel;
  • Custom Meta Boxes. More simple work with custom posts in the admin panel. E.g. there are separate titles and links fields for the slider post type. From now you don’t
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“Green” WordPress 3.4 Finally Arrived

June 20, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross

This day has come, WordPress have upgraded its CMS to the 3.4 version. The new revision is called “Green” in honor of the great unsung hero of jazz Grant Green. WordPress 3.4 comes packed with numerous enhancements especially in theme customization: custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image caption.

The new features allow advanced theme customization and they are adopted both …

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Post Formats in WordPress

June 14, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
Soon each WordPress template will be featured with a functionality that allows to pick the Post Format. Read More

WordPress Themes: New Features Rundown

June 14, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross

As you may have noticed our product line gets richer and richer. We can boast our great collection of WordPress themes. This is not a secret to be silent about, but WordPress themes are just insanely popular among website owners and among our clients also. We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our products and …

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Theme options panel redesign

June 14, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
An improved design of this framework will be soon implemented into WordPress CMS. Keep waiting for these awesome tweaks. Read More

Animated WordPress Themes

June 14, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
We’ve launched an all-new Animated WordPress Theme with some cool interactive options within it. Read More

Fully Responsive WordPress templates.

May 16, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
Новые шаблоны обеспечат корректное отображение вашего сайта на экране любого размера. Read More

Kwicks slider for WordPress.

May 4, 2012  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Alex Ross
From now you can find WordPress templates that use Kwicks jQuery slider plugin. Read More

Wordpress 3.2 is now available

July 5, 2011  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

On 4th of July WordPress theme announced new release of WordPress engine. All our WordPress 3.x templates are compatible with WordPress 3.2

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WordPress widgets positions screenshot

January 28, 2011  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

Today we’ve added new feature to WordPress templates preview pages. Now you can see WordPress Widgets Positions template screenshot displaying possible widget positions.

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WordPress. Dropdown menu

January 27, 2011  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

All WordPress templates starting from #28310 will have a dropdown menu included.

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WordPress 3.0 compatible templates.

September 4, 2010  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Template-help.com Team

Starting from the template #30531 WordPress templates are compatible with WordPress 3.0

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged – allowing the management of multiple sites (called Multisite) from one WordPress installation.
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten” – takes full advantage of the current features of WordPress.
  • New Custom Menu Management feature – allows creation of custom menus combining posts,
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WordPress templates sample pages and dump.sql

June 11, 2010  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Template-help.com Team

All WordPress templates starting from #29400 are provided with the updates sample sub-pages and included dump.sql file

New sample pages allow you to see more WordPress features available and have few more page layouts available

The included dump.sql file will let you make your instaled template same as at the template preview in few clicks

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It’s coming! WordPress 3.0

March 4, 2010  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

Alright bloggers, web surfers and simple web enthusiasts, we’ve got some fascinating news for you all. Yes, Internet community can’t stop buzzing about the forthcoming release of the new version of #1 blogging software – WordPress 3.0.

Our team being the biggest provider of WordPress themes just couldn’t miss the chance to express its own vision of this great event …

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WordPress Goes 2.9 And So Do We!

December 23, 2009  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

Today we’re happy for WordPress team and community. And our team would like to congratulate WordPress key developers on their fresh release of WordPress version 2.9! The new version had over half a million downloads already! Want to know what’s so special about WP 2.9? A few of the headline features to be mentioned are global undo/trash, built-in image editor, …

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WordPress 2.3 themes compatible with 2.5

April 3, 2008  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

We are proud to report that our WordPress 2.3 themes are fully compatible with WordPress 2.5 software.

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WordPress 2.2 themes compatibility

October 22, 2007  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

Our technicians have tested our WordPress 2.2 templates and can claim that they are fully compatible with WordPress 2.3

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WordPress templates. New CSS scheme

June 22, 2007  | Category:Updates & Innovations, WordPress, WordPress Updates  | Author: Template-help.com Team

All the Word Press templates starting from the #15327 are coded in a new CSS scheme.

This new style has less coding and is rather simple. Now there is no need to have a separate style sheet for IE which means one way of coding for all the browsers. From today, the templates have a better look in Adobe® Dreamweaver® …

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WordPress 2.1 New Features

February 2, 2007  | Category:Updates & Innovations, WordPress, WordPress Updates  | Author: Template-help.com Team

We are proud to offer you the WordPress Themes that are compatible with the new features of WordPress 2.1!
WP 2.1 has added a bunch of useful functions that were not available in the previous versions (please, check http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags for more detailed info). Now, there are even more tools for making a reliable and multifunctional BLOG.
For the reason …

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WordPress 2.0.1 themes compatibility

October 25, 2006  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

Recently our team received several updates regarding compatibility issues with our WordPress 2.0.1 themes. We have taken these complaints seriously, so we tested all WordPress themes with each version of WordPress higher than 2.0.1 and preformed necessary updates. All of them are working perfectly with each version.

If you’re looking for a number one wordpress theme to build a website, …

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WordPress themes. No Tables! Widgets support added

September 25, 2006  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

September 25, 2006 all wordpress themes now support widgets. The coding was improved too – no tables!

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WordPress themes available

April 13, 2006  | Category:WordPress Updates  | Author: Chris Diaz

On April 13, 2006 we started producing WordPress themes on regular basis. We add 5 new themes every week. Check out our collection!

In case you’re searching for a wordpress theme for corporate website to build a website from scratch, look through our premium themes.

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