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WordPress Themes: New Features Rundown

Alex Ross June 14, 2012
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As you may have noticed our product line gets richer and richer. We can boast our great collection of WordPress themes. This is not a secret to be silent about, but WordPress themes are just insanely popular among website owners and among our clients also. We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our products and services. We are proud that thousands of companies, small and major, successfully use our themes for their online businesses.

Up till now we’ve implemented great amount of improvement into WordPress templates. Most of them are tiny fixes but still there is a number of features implemented into WordPress themes that need to be spoken about. Also there are several Coming Soon advancements that will be fulfilled in the nearest future.

WordPress Theme Localization

You’ve probably heard about the theme localization when you need to set a language in the theme that it lacks. But how can we make any WordPress theme multilingual especially without any changes in coding? It’s as easy as a pie when working with multi-language plugins. They automatically adjust to the language set on the blog/website. This makes websites very convenient for users that are not good at the basic language set in the theme.

The wrong way:

You can look for the text in the theme, the one you need for translation, copy it out and translate into the target language, but it takes much time and it’s purely inconvenient.

The right and the easiest way:

The whole text content of the theme is taken out via specific function and then replaced in the language file. To translate the theme we need to do some easy to follow steps:

  • Set up the localization engine (this can be done in the wp-config.php the language should be set to define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’););
  • Setup the PoEdit application;
  • Switch file names en_US.po and (for example the French localization name will be fr_FR);
  • Open the file fr_FR.po
  • This file contains original values msgid and translation msgstr (by now the field msgstr will be empty) here you need to add corresponding translation for each line;
  • Save the file and you are done;

Once these steps are done, the same page can be displayed in different languages. All WordPress templates starting from #37663 are multilingual.

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