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Drupal. How to edit social icons block (Follow module)

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This tutorial shows how to change the social media links block in Drupal template.

First of all you need to login to the drupal backend as an administrator. This can be done using the login form or user area link. When you are logged in put the cursor over the social icons block and click the configuration icon, then click Configure Block link.

On the appeared page you can change the block title and position. However the icon links are not here.

Click the Modules link in the top menu and search for the social module in the modules list. Depending on the installed social module you can see the Configuration link that can show you the configuration options.

In this tutorial we used the Social Share module for Drupal and it doesn’t have any configuration options in modules list.

As we still didn’t find the icon links let’s click the Configuration menu item from the the top menu. You can see various configuration sections there. And one of them, in the Web Services block, is called Site follow links. Seems the one we need!

Thats correct. The page contains all links to the available social networks so you are free to change them the way you need.

To change the icons you need locate the icon image files location. This can be done using the browser developer tool (F12 hokey). Right click on the icon and select Inspect Element. Check the right column for the root to the icon image.

In this example the icon images are located in the sites\all\modules\follow\icons folder. To change the icons create your own ones and upload them to the icons folder replacing the default ones. Make sure to keep the same filenames and extensions.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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