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Flash. How to access elements using the library

We are glad to present you this video tutorial which shows how access elements using the library.

The template fla file is designed in such way that all the elements are accessible not from the time line but from the library (press F11 to access the library).

To make customization of our flash movies easier, each symbols refers to appropriate template element/part

Also you can locate a symbol in the search field in the right top corner

For example pages content is located in the "Pages" or "Content" movie clips.

Double click on an object in the library and it’ll appear on the Scene

In order to view/locate other pages, you should move your timeline, selecting keyframes

Usually text you should change in the "text" movie clips.

If you can’t see anything in the preview area it means that content color is the same as the background color. For example you can’t see black text on black background.

You can solve this problem if you change movie background color. Press Ctrl+J to open Movie Properties Window.

Change the background color. You can customize all flash elements in the same way.

This is the end of the tutorial. You know how to access elements using the library.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial on how to access elements in the flash template using flash library

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