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XML Flash. How to add an image

In this tutorial you will learn the way to add image with roll over

1) Locate page symbol and the exact page you have an image. You need to copy the existing image

2) Open the page or the symbol you need to add page and paste the copied image

Arrange the texts to display properly.

3) Open he page you’ve copied image (original) and see the first action frame for image script

4) Go to the symbol you’ve inserted new image and open actions panel to insert the copied script

5) Now you should check the order number of new image at the page.

For example: there were 3 images before and when you’ve added new images there are 4. It means your new image variable should be img3 as the first image is img0.

Select the image symbol and set label to img3 and change scripting to have img3 and the value

6) The last step is to add image tag in the XML file. Locate the page you need to add image and copy/paste the cope from the exisitng image


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

XML Flash How to add an image
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