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XML Flash. How to create a new pop-up window

In this tutorial you will learn the way to create new popup page and link it.

First of all you should understand that you do not need to edit FLA file to create new popup page for XML template

1) Open folder "XML" in your template "site_flash" folder and edit "main.xml" in any text editor.

2) Locate page with the existing popup page. Popup page structure looks like this:

  <item name="title"><![CDATA[TITLE here]]></item>
  <item name="linkText">PAGE text here</item>

<pagePopup> – is the main tag that is to mark content for popup page

<popup> – is a separate page tag so if you need several pages you need to use <popup> for every inside <pagePopup>

3) Copy the existing script and paste it to the page you need. Popup page script should go before </titlePage> tag.

4) After the script is added you need to change button script to open popup page. Currently the script to open URL looks like this:

<txt link="http://www.demolink.org"><![CDATA[Hot News]]></txt>

You need to change linking type to point to popup:

<txt linktext="1"><![CDATA[Hot News]]></txt> 

Number 1 means that it is the first popup page on certain page.

5) Save the page and run your website, you should see your popup page now.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Flash. How to create a new pop-up window
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