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Flash Animated Templates

In this tutorial you will learn how to edit banners in Flash Animated Full Site templates. Read More

This tutorial shows how to remove the animated header from the flash/swish animated template or replace it with the static one. …

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The following tutorial shows how to change the text style in any HTML based template. The tutorial could be used for such template types as: Full Site, Full Package, any static template, static version of any animated template (flash or swish). The text styles are usually defined in the CSS files.

The  most useful tool that can help you editing …

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This video tutorial will show you how to add new menu and new page. Due to the common file structure this tutorial can also be used for any HTML based template like Full Package, Flash/Swish animated, Static version of flash templates. …

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This tutorial will show you how to replace images in flash header in Full Site templates. Due to the comment structure this tutorial can be also used to edit the most recent Flash Animated and Full Package templates. The flash header images in most recent templates are loaded dynamically so there is no need to perform any changes in flash …

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The following tutorial will show you how to change any text in the HTML based template. The tutorial is valid for such template types as …

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To add some interactivity to the flash animated part of your web design template you should add some links to the flash objects. For example you’ll need to link flash buttons with pages of your website or redirect your flash intro to homepage after it finished.There are some kinds of links in Macromedia Flash: button symbol links, frame links… Read More
To fit flash header your company needs you to change the company name, company slogan and the buttons’ text. It’s quite easy. So let’s do it step by step.First of all you should open your “FLA” file from web design template package in Macromedia Flash. Now you should locate text that you want to change. There are two ways… Read More
When you save your .fla files, it is important to keep the same filenames that were originally used by the template designer. Also consider using a consistent naming scheme for your documents. This is particularly important if you save multiple versions of a single project.Use intuitive, easy-to-read names for your files. Do not use spaces, capitalization, or special characters.… Read More
In process of your web design template customization you will perhaps need to insert your company logo or images to the Flash animated header. Herein, you’ll find a quick guide on how to do that.Open your source “FLA” file in Macromedia Flash and press “F11” to launch symbols library. To perform search of a needed image symbol will be… Read More
Finally, after you’ve made the appropriate changes to the flash animated header of your web design template you should publish and update it.You may want to modify the publish settings to reduce the download time or increase the image quality. To do so, please, choose “File/Publish Settings…” from top menu. In “Publish Settings” window choose “Flash” tab. The main… Read More
Q: How can I make the flash header play full animation the first time a visitor comes to my website and then skip it when he/she visits it repeatedly?A: You can implement this by using the Flash analogue of cookies. It’s called the “SharedObject()” The “SharedObject()” class allows you to store some data on the visitors computer. With an… Read More
Q: Why can’t I use the ScrollPane component with your templates?A: You can use it. Just change Action Script version from Action Script 1.0 to Action Script 2.0 in the Flash tab of the Publish Settings window. Press “CTRL + SHIFT + F12” to access this window.Read More
The search engine optimization is of key point to the work out of every single web site and with this the major thing to take care of while starting up a website it to make it a lot easier to be indexed. Herewith, the latest added feature of Macromedia Flash 8 allows your .SWF file content to be indexed without… Read More
Q: What is an SWF file? A: An .SWF file (ending with “.SWF” extension) is a compiled, viewable only, flash file. You can export this file along with the HTML file in Flash MX if you have the “.FLA” file.Read More
Q: How can I can make a certain number of images display randomly?A: In Flash (as well as in JavaScript) you can use the Math.random() function which generates pseudo-random numbers. This function can help you in making a slideshow when you need to use a large amount of images. You only have to store these images in the Flash Read More
Q: Is it possible to run a videoclip in a template?A: Yes. You may import the video clip (“.RM” file, “.AVI” file, etc.) to a movie clip, and then you can drag it anywhere in the Macromedia Flash.Read More

How to activate empty thumbs in a gallery

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How to edit pop-up windows …
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How to create a button and assign a link to it

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¿Cómo cambiar el orden de las páginas de un sitio flash?

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How to add more text to a pop-up window …
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How to find and edit any text in any flash file …
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How to manage images in Flash… Read More

How to duplicate and swap objects in flash

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In this tutorial you will learn how to resize pop-up windows. Read More

In this tutorial you will learn the way to create new popup page and link it.

First of all you should understand that you do not need to edit FLA file to create new popup page for XML template

1) Open folder "XML" in your template "site_flash" folder and edit "main.xml" in any text editor.

2) Locate page with the …

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  1. Open the .FLA file, located in the “sources/flash” folder.
  2. On the time line, locate the layer with the name “popup”, “readmore” or “pages_readmore”
  3. Under the “popup” layer, there is a layer with the script, click on it and press F9 key to open the “Actions” panel.
  4. This is the script, which is responsible for X and Y coordinates of the
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How to add more pages

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¿Cómo agregar más imágenes a una galería?

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