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How to install Joomla! 1.5 engine

This tutorial show how to install Joomla 1.5 engine to your hosting server.


The Joomla engine can be downloaded from the official website at http://www.joomla.org/download.html. When the downloading is complete you should extract the files from the .zip archive. If you are not familiar with extracting procedure please check this tutorial.


The next step would be to upload the extracted Joomla! engine files to your hosting server. Feel free to check the tutorial on how to upload files.

Database Creation

Now you need to access your hosting control panel and create new database for your Joomla installation. We recommend install Joomla to the clear database. Check the tutorial on how to create database.

When all preparations are complete you can start the installation procedure. Open your browser and in the address bar type http://your_domain_name/joomla_engine_directory


Language selection

Select the installation language from the list. Note: here you can select only the installation manager language. It won’t affect your Joomla website or admin panel language.

Pre-Installation check

This screen shows you if your server configuration fits the Joomla requirements. Some options are not critical and you can proceed with the installation. If you have some critical warnings please contact your hosting provider for a solution.


Check the General Public License. When you are done click Next button

Database Settings.
Input your database details. Contact your hosting provider if you have any doubts. We do not recommend you to change the Database Type and Table Prefix Fields.
FTP Configuration

On some servers you may need to provide FTP credentials for installation to complete. If you have difficulties completing installation without these credentials, check with your host to determine if this is necessary. Usually you can proceed with the installation without configuring FTP layer

Main Configuration

Here you should input your Joomla website and website administrator details such as. You can also install the Joomla sample data using the Install sample Data button. It will add sample articles, modules and templates to your Joomla installation.

We do not recommend you to install the Joomla sample data if you are planning to use ordered template as all templates come with the sample data included.

Final Installation screen.

The installation is almost complete. Now you need to remove or rename the installation from the Joomla engine root directory. Use FTP File manager to do this.

In case your configuration file or directory is not writable or there was a problem creating the configuration file. You will have to upload the configuration code by hand. Click in the text area to highlight all of the code and then paste into a new text file. Name this file ‘configuration.php’ and upload it to your site root folder.

Congratulations. You’ve successfully installed Joomla engine.

Feel free to check the detailed tutorial below

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    do I have to pay for the Joomla engine?

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    • Anonymous

      No, joomla engine is free and can be downloaded from joomla.org

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