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WordPress. How to install template over existing website

This tutorial will show you how to install template over existing WordPress website.

WordPress. How to install template over existing website

  1. First, if you know how to build a WordPress website, you need to install the template to any subfolder on your server (e.g: www.yourwebsite.com/test , where yourwebsite.com is your actual website url). Make sure to use separate clean database. Install the template with all the sample data, using .sql file. Use the following tutorial: how to install WordPress template using dump file.

  2. Once the template is installed, log into the Dashboard, go to Tools -> Export.

  3. Export all the content to an .xml file. Save the file on your hard drive. This file will contain all sample content and most of the template settings:


  4. Let’s get back to your website. Log into your dashboard, install the theme and all the plugins that came with the template package.

  5. Navigate to Tools -> Import. Select ‘WordPress’ import system:


  6. Upload .xml file from your hard drive. Click ‘Upload file and import’ button:


  7. Check ‘Download and import file attachments’ option and click ‘Submit’ button. All the sample data and most of the template settings have been imported now:


  8. Make sure to copy all the widget settings from test installation into your website. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets and copy all the widget settings for all the widget areas:


  9. You can also copy all the Reading settings from Settings->Reading menu:


This is the end of the tutorial. You’ve installed the template over existing website.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to install template over existing website

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