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How do I link a button to an Adobe PDF document

Q: How do I link a button to an Adobe PDF document?A: In Flash MX as well as flash MX 2004 and Flash 8, a hyperlink is created through the getURL() command. The getURL() command provides a means for the browser to jump from one page to the other. The getURL() command can also be used to open an executable application like a PDF document. Click “Window” and choose “Actions” or press “F9” on your keyboard to access the Actions panel. You should type the following action script provided below into the white space to open up an executable PDF file:
on (release) { getURL(“http://www.yoursitename.com/mydoc/doc1.pdf”); }
Now test your movie by pressing “CTRL+ENTER”.
  • Olalekankaz

    Not working… Am trying to get a button linked to html page.

    on (release)


    when i test movie it works but after i upload it to the web it didn’t work.
    Please help!!!

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