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osCommerce. How to manage banners

Our Support team is ready to present you a new tutorial that will become an indispensable guide for managing banners in your OsCommerce store.

osCommerce. How to manage banners

Let us show you how to replace the existing banner images with new ones and how to add new images to your banner groups.

Let us start from replacing banner image with a new one:oscommerce_how_to_manage_banners_1

  1. Log into your OsCommerce Admin panel and go to Tools->Banner manager:

  2. As you see, banners are united to common banner groups in this section. Each banner group has its own location at the front end. We will show you how to change banner on the example of Slider images on your homepage.

    They are added by banner group slider-banners in Banner manager section.

    Each image is added separately and can be found under name Banner 1 for slider, Banner 2 for slider, etc. – they all refer to slider-banners group.

  3. Click the information icon of the banner you want to edit and then Edit button:

  4. There are two ways of replacing an image. We will show you both.

    In the image section you will see Choose file button which allows to select and upload new image from your computer:

  5. We will upload new file with title slide-gray.jpg:

  6. After image is uploaded, make sure you’ve deleted path to the old image in enter local file below section and press Save button:

  7. Now refresh front end to see the changes:


    Alternatively, you may replace existing image directly on your sever using ftp or hosting control panel.

    The title of the image and its location on server should be the same as the original one. You may check the correct path and file name in enter local file below section in the admin panel.

  8. Now we will reverse previous changes and use the second option to replace the image. In our case the image is located in images/slide folder and it has title slide-1.jpg.

  9. To back up old image we will rename it to _slide-1.jpg and then replace it with new image (blue one) with exactly the same name:

  10. Refresh front end to see the changes. Now new blue image appears:


Now we will reverse the changes and show you how you can add a new image to the banner group.

  1. Go to Tools->Banner manager and click New banner button:

  2. Banner title is the required field.

  3. Banner URL is the link that will be opened when your customer clicks on the banner. If you want, you may leave it blank.

  4. In the field Banner group you need to enter a group name. We will use the group we already know – slider-banners group. And we will select this group from the drop down.

    You may create a few banners for the same group and they will be randomly shown on the page.

  5. Add your new image using Upload button as shown in the previous part of this tutorial.

  6. Instead of the image you may use HTML coding in HTML text section. Keep in mind that you may use an image or HTML text for the banner – not both. HTML Text has priority over an image.

  7. You may also set Schedule for you banner if you need it.

  8. Press Save button:

  9. Now you will see your new banner in the admin panel:

  10. Refresh front end to see the changes. One more green image is added to the banner group that is responsible for Slider on your site:


That’s it! Now you know how to manage banners in your OsCommerce store. Please feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

osCommerce. How to manage banners
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